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Who do YOU think killed Tara Collins in ITV's Innocent?

Chris Lang's drama gives us five possible suspects. But which one is the killer?

Published: Wednesday, 16th May 2018 at 9:59 pm

**Contains spoilers for episode 3 of Innocent**

The dramatic third episode of Innocent has thrown up evidence that "conclusively exonerates" David Collins from his wife's murder. But if he didn't do it – then who?


On the steps of the court in episode one, as he emerged from seven years behind bars, David declared that the people around him had lied and lied and lied. And he wasn't kidding.

His ex-friend Tom Wilson, Tara's sister Alice Moffatt and Alice's husband Rob have all been exposed for their dishonesty, hiding secret affairs, taking undisclosed late-night drives and misleading the police.

So did one of those three do it? Or could our murderer be David's mild-mannered brother Phil? Or... is there some way that David is guilty after all?


As the final episode approaches on Thursday 17th May at 9pm on ITV, let us know what YOU think in the poll below:

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