What time is The Fall series 3 finale on TV?

Everything you need to know about the last ever episode of The Fall on BBC2


What time is The Fall series 3 finale on TV?


The Fall series three finale is NOT on next Thursday as you might expect. Instead the final ever episode is on Friday 28 October at 9pm on BBC2, one day after episode five aired on Thursday.

What’s going to happen?

After a slow and creeping build-up which seems to have lasted forever, Gibson and Anderson present fresh evidence which proves to have explosive consequences. Spector’s new-found friendship in the “secure” psychiatric facility takes a savagely violent turn, and Gibson pays a visit to Katie, who is struggling to cope with imprisonment.

Is this really the final series of The Fall?

The series was always planned as a trilogy, although writer Allan Cubitt says he’s not necessarily finished with the world.

“If Gibson is left standing at the end, I see no reason why she shouldn’t carry on, but I’m not going to say if she’s left standing or not. Or Spector, come to that,” he told RadioTimes.com cryptically.

Is The Fall’s final episode any good?


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