After his critically-acclaimed turn in War & Peace, James Norton is returning to a world of Russian intrigue – but this time he’s in the present day, playing a man who’s trying to escape his mafia family’s legacy of violence and crime.


And when his family’s safety comes into question, Norton’s Alex might just have to get his hands dirty…

When is McMafia on TV?

McMafia will air on New Year's Day and again on Tuesday 2nd January – both at 9pm on BBC1 – before taking up a weekly slot on Sundays at 9pm from 7th January.

What will happen in McMafia?

After spending his entire life trying to escape his family’s ties to organised crime, Alex Godman (James Norton) find himself drawn into the family business after personal tragedy forces him into action. To protect his family Alex must confront the Russian mob, Balkan smugglers, Mexican cartels and Pakistani drug lords, and risk everything to keep those he loves safe once more.

Who will be in McMafia?

James Norton and Maria Shukshina in new BBC1 drama McMafia (BBC, JG)

Happy Valley and Grantchester star James Norton leads the cast, which also includes Juliet Rylance as his girlfriend Rebecca, Faye Marsay as his sister Katya and David Dencik as his uncle Boris.

Notably, the cast includes real Georgian and Russian actors for a greater feel of authenticity, including Aleksey Serebryakov as Dimitri Godman, Alex's father, and Maria Shukshina as Oksana Godman, Alex's mother.

Is McMafia based on a book?

Yes – the fictional story was inspired by Misha Glenny’s non-fiction book McMafia: Seriously Organised crime, which was published in 2008. Some of the real-life events depicted in Collins’ book have been adapted for the series, but the majority of the main story is fictional.

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Is there a McMafia trailer?

There certainly is, and you can watch it above.

Should I watch McMafia?

If you enjoy the international intrigue and high-stakes storytelling of dramas like The Night Manager, then this might just be the drama for you.

Where is McMafia filmed?

Filming locations for the multi-million-pound drama included London, Croatia, Qatar, Mumbai, Prague, Cairo, Belgrade, Belize, Istanbul, Moscow and Tel Aviv, with some foreign locations standing in for others.