What time is Before We Die on TV?

Everything you need to know about the Scandi noir thriller

C4, TL

What time is Before We Die on TV?

The Swedish thriller continues 11pm, Tuesday 30 January, C4. Or you can watch the entire series now on All4.


What can we expect from the first episode?

After the recent horrors, Swedish detective Hanna and her tiny band of associates must dry their eyes and regroup as they hunt for a cop killer and a treacherous colleague.

Hanna is still in text-only contact with her lover’s informant “Inez”, whom she, understandably enough, thinks is a woman, but we know is in fact her son Chippen. The pair get on much better as text buddies than they do as mother and son (she, you will remember, arrested him for drug-dealing and he was banged up for two years).

Before We Die doesn’t exactly forge a new police drama template, but it’s pacey and Hanna is a good (if flawed, of course) and efficient heroine.

Review by Alison Graham

When is the third episode on TV?

If you’re already in love with the series, you’re in luck – you won’t have to wait until next week as the whole lot will be immediately available on All 4.


Who’s in the cast?

Hanna Svensson heads the show as detective Marie Richardson. She joins Magnus Krepper (Bjorn), Sofia Ledarp (Tina), Sofia Ledarp (Fausta) and Richard Forsgren (Magnus).