Viewers split over The Split: ‘unrealistic’ legal practices and tiny text messages v “the best script and acting of 2018”

TV fans deliver their verdict on the BBC's new divorce drama

The Split - Nicola Walker plays Hannah

How did BBC drama The Split fare in the court of public opinion? Screenwriter Abi Morgan’s new series about a family of high-flying female divorce lawyers has split viewers, with some ruling in favour of the first episode – and some already declaring their intention to break up with the show.


The drama stars Nicola Walker as Hannah, who has left the family firm to join one of their competitors. That, of course, has massive implications for her relationship with her mother and sister – and things get even more dramatic when their long-lost dad (Anthony Head) turns up after an absence of 30 years.

Not everyone was a fan of episode one.

However, the show’s fans put forward a robust defence…

This being a divorce drama, lawyers and non-lawyers alike joined forces to give their expert opinions on the accuracy of Morgan’s script. And their verdict was not promising.

Many viewers were also left frustrated when key parts of the plot were told via text message – but for those without giant TVs, the words were too small to read. (For the record, Hannah’s attractive Danish colleague texted asking if she was awake. And, as she lay next to her husband Stephen Mangan, she replied “yes”.)


But even with all the quibbles, one thing was for sure: Nicola Walker gave a fantastic performance…