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Viewers really thought Age Before Beauty was a Cutting It remake

People watching Debbie Horsfield’s new salon-set drama couldn't stop comparing it to her noughties series starring Amanda Holden

Published: Wednesday, 1st August 2018 at 9:37 am

Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield’s snappy new salon drama Age Before Beauty served up secret love affairs and new characters in its debut episode on Tuesday night. And for many viewers, it all felt very similar to another BBC show: Cutting It.


You remember Cutting It, right? The BBC drama of 2002-5, which, like Age Before Beauty, was set in Manchester and penned by Horsfield? The show that followed the lives and loves of a hairdressing team? And starred Amanda Holden and Ben Daniels?

Well, Twitter certainly didn't forget…

In fact, many were confused about whether the new BBC drama was a sequel or reboot of Cutting it…

So, how do the two shows fare head-to-head? While some thought Age Before Beauty was a cut above its predecessor with its "brilliant writing" and "excellent" cast …

…but some were left tearing their hair out after “clichés” and “forced” acting…

However, this is only our first snip of the new series: there are still five more episodes of Age and Beauty to come. Here’s hoping the Cutting It comparisons grow out quickly...


Age Before Beauty continues on BBC1 on Tuesday nights

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