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Victoria Christmas special trailer hints at a terrible accident on the ice

Jenna Coleman's Queen Victoria is shown desperately searching in the freezing water of an iced-over lake – but where is Prince Albert?

Victoria Christmas special
Published: Friday, 5th January 2018 at 12:37 pm

The trailer for the ultra-snowy Victoria Christmas episode is here – but it seems this festive wonderland is more treacherous than you'd think. A new trailer reveals Jenna Coleman's Queen Victoria throwing herself down next to a hole in the ice and reaching desperately into the freezing depths.


Clips show the distraught monarch crying and thumping at the ice... who is in trouble? Could it be keen ice-skater Prince Albert?

But despite these sombre scenes there will be plenty of fun in this two-hour ITV special.

There are Christmas trees and kisses and happy children playing in the snow. There are servants dancing, a grand performance at the theatre and even a ring sliding onto the ring finger of a left hand – could this be a proposal? Perhaps the story ends well for Albert's syphilitic brother Ernest and his love interest Harriet?

It also appears that this episode will dive into the history of Sara Forbes Bonetta, a daughter of West African royalty who was orphaned and enslaved before becoming Queen Victoria's godchild. We see her spending Christmas with her godmother and Nancy Skerrett and revelling in the British snow...


The Victoria Christmas special will air on 25th December at 9pm on ITV 


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