Unforgotten season 4: Who are the suspects?

Cassie and Sunny have a new cold murder case - and four new suspects.


*Warning: spoilers ahead for Unforgotten season four*


Who killed Matthew Walsh in Unforgotten season four? The beheaded and handless human remains found in a London scrapyard belong to a football fan missing since the 1990s, and whose body had been hidden in a freezer belonging to a recently deceased man, Robert Fogerty.

Fogerty had been caught drink-driving on the very same night of Matthew’s original disappearance – and as DCI Cassie Stewart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) reopen the cold case, they learn that not only was Fogerty a newly qualified police officer at the time of his arrest (thus jeopardising his career when he was caught), but so too were his four car passengers.

That means that our four key suspects in the Unforgotten cast Fiona Grayson, Elizabeth “Liz” Baildon, Dean Barton, and Ram Sidhu – were once trainee coppers in the 1990s. And we’ve since learnt that two of the suspects (Elizabeth and Ram) are still serving police officers, and a similar age to Cassie herself.

Episode two ended with the discovery of Walsh’s frozen remains being made public on the ten o’clock news – and our suspects had some dramatic reactions. However, the rest of Walsh’s remains have yet to be found, so there’s no way of knowing how he died.

Let’s take a closer look at the evidence against each of our suspects for Unforgotten season four…

Fiona Grayson

Unforgotten season 4

Fiona Grayson (played by Liz White) is a therapist who lives in the Peak District with her husband and two children. She and her husband are investing in a new business venture by setting up a practise, presumably fronted by Fiona, and in episode two we see them both sign on the dotted line. We also learn that Fiona had an unhappy childhood growing up, and on the surface she seem a sympathetic and caring character – but is there another side to her? Why exactly did she leave the police force to become a therapist?

Fiona seems the most mysterious – and potentially the most repressed – out of all our suspects, as it becomes clear that she’s hiding secrets (even while counselling her patients not to) and also harbours ill-will regarding the new private practice she and her husband are setting up. Did he coerce her into that move? Why does he need her to sign endless bills and contracts? If she were concealing guilt, it might explain why she’s more willing to go along with her husband’s demands.

What was most surprising, however, was her reaction at the end of episode two, when the discovery of Matthew Walsh’s frozen remains wass detailed on the news. All of the other three suspects looked horrified and shaken when they heard the news bulletin, but Fiona remained stony-faced beside her husband.

Elizabeth Baildon

Unforgotten season 4

Elizabeth Baildon (played by Susan Lynch) was only shown to be a high-flying career woman in episode one, but we’ve since learnt that she’s a high-ranking police officer – and about to be offered the top job in the East Anglia area. We even saw her valiantly throwing herself in harms way when she witnessed a moped theft.

She also seems to be a big-name in the police world – Cassie even referred to her as “the Liz Baildon”.

Outside of policing, Elizabeth lives in Cambridge, and is engaged to be married to her partner, Janet. However, Elizabeth seems to have a very antagonists relationship with her elderly (and extremely sharp-tongued) mother, Eileen (played by Sheila Hancock), who called to give a veiled threat when she heard about her daughter’s job interview.

In episode one, did anyone question the flask of soup that Elizabeth biked all the way to her detested mother? It seemed a strange move – and potentially a sign of something more sinister at play. Is it Munchausen syndrome by proxy? On the other hand, it could well be a red herring to throw us off.

What’s more concrete is Eileen’s conversation with her carer, when she said she knows things about Elizabeth that would ‘turn your hair grey’. Could those same secrets be connected to Matthew Walsh’s murder? Elizabeth was certainly shaken when she learnt that Walsh’s remains has been discovered, even dropping two china cups to the ground and smashing them.

Dean Barton

Unforgotten season 4

Living in Rochester, Dean Barton (played by Andy Nyman) is a seemingly legitimate businessman who organises charity functions (and intends to make the maximum amount of money out of them). Like fellow suspect Fiona, we learn that he left the police force.

He’s happily married with a disabled adult son, but we later learn that he has a dodgy past – and certainly has the connections to theoretically help dispose of and hide a body for 30 years…

Dean’s nefarious past is immediately established in the opening episode, as he gets a call from the mysterious ‘Felix’ – an old colleague of sorts who is cashing in a favour, and needs help moving a “shipment”. In episode two, we see him drive to France and back, picking up a mysterious white van along the way.

So far the details of Dean’s more nefarious dealings have been kept in the dark, but given that we now know that Dean was once a qualified police officer before leaving the force, there are even more questions yet to be answered.

Ram Sidhu

Unforgotten season 4

In Southall, expectant father Ram (played by Phaldut Sharma) is – on the surface – charming, impeccably dressed, and known and liked locally by everyone. However, at his core there seems to be a sadness and anger at the world.

He, like fellow suspect Elizabeth Baildon, remained in the police, and he’s now the same rank as Cassie. However, he’s been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, an accusation he initially brushes off, before claiming that the complaint was racially motivated. He’s determined that his young female accuser should back down, but when she doesn’t, we see him secretly searching her name in the police database – presumably in order to blackmail her with any past criminal record.

Ram shares a moment with his brother in episode one, when he expresses bitterness about his past and shares how he once felt constantly underestimated. Did Ram have a bad experience while training to be a police officer, and could that be connected to the murder?

After all, we learnt at the end of episode two that a man matching his description was seen chasing Matthew Walsh on the night of his disappearance.


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