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Trixie makes a surprise reappearance in Call the Midwife series 7 finale

Helen George returns to the small screen, but only on the big screen...

Call the Midwife - Helen George as Nurse Trixie Franklin
Published: Friday, 7th September 2018 at 3:47 pm

As a flickering home video of Trixie (Helen George) flashes up on the cinema screen at Sister Monica Joan's birthday party, a huge cheer goes up. Nonnatus House's troubled midwife looks healthy and happy as she recovers from her alcoholism next to the Mediterranean.

Grinning beneath her wide-brimmed straw hat, she presents a sign saying "Happy birthday!" – before holding up another exciting message: "See You Soon."

Call the Midwife - Trixie

Is Trixie returning to Call the Midwife?

Yes! Trixie has a six-month leave of absence from Nonnatus House after falling off the wagon earlier this series, but after her six months are up she is expected to return to London and a life of blue dresses and red cardigans. So we can fully expect to see her in series eight of Call the Midwife.

Speaking at a screening in London before Christmas, George said: "It's exciting because the BBC have commissioned another series and we can't believe after this many years that there will be series eight, which is madness. Longest relationship I've ever had!"

Call the Midwife cast

The reason for the actress's absence was, of course, so she could give birth to her own baby – a daughter called Wren. After several episodes where the show's directors came up with creative ways to hide the baby bump, George disappeared off screen for a few weeks, only reappearing for this one final moment in the series finale.

But what will happen when Trixie comes back Poplar? Will she be able to stick with sobriety when she returns to the stresses of work and everyday life? And will she reunite with Christopher?


Bring on series eight.


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