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Too Close finale recap: episode 3 questions and ending explained

The final episode of the ITV thriller starred Emily Watson and Denise Gough. Here's our recap of Too Close episode three.

Too Close
Published: Wednesday, 14th April 2021 at 10:01 pm

ITV's three-part thriller Too Close concluded on Wednesday night, with Connie's fate left up in the air.


In the dramatic finale, forensic psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson finally learnt the truth about her high-profile patient Connie (played by Emily Watson and Denise Gough respectively in the Too Close cast).

But would her testimony be enough to secure Connie's freedom?

We've unpacked tonight's instalment and broken down some of the key questions and theories that have come up after the events of Too Close episode three.

Too Close episode 3 recap

At the start of the episode, Connie steals off during the hospital fire (which she caused in episode two) and patient evacuation. Emma finds her hiding up a tree, and manages to calm her down.

Later in the episode, Emma visits Connie’s GP and learns that Connie was on a potent cocktail of prescription medication.

Too Close
Too Close (ITV) ITV

However, in the lead-up to the incident (where Connie drove herself and two children into a river) Connie had been undertaking an unsupervised drug withdrawal, and experiencing resulting psychosis.

In flashbacks, we experience Connie's terrifying hallucinations in the run-up to the car accident, including one episode that causes her to pour bathroom bleach over herself.

On the night she drove her car into the river, she believed she had seen her late mother beckoning her towards safety – and away from a monstrous, malevolent force.

"Granny's going to save us," she tells the young girls, immediately before driving into the water.

Emma eventually voices these discoveries, testifying in court a year later – and Connie's future is entirely dependant on that testimony.

How did Emma's daughter die?

The return of Connie's memories prompts Emma to do some soul-searching of her own, including confronting her past and finally telling her husband exactly how their daughter Abigail died.

Too Close
Too Close (ITV) ITV

In a flashback, we see that Emma had struggled with Abigail's behaviour and frequent tantrums. On the day Abigail died, Emma had turned away from Abigail's buggy to take a phone call, only for the buggy to roll off the pavement and into the path of a lorry.

Did Connie murder the children?

No, the two girls (Connie's daughter and Ness' daughter) did not die in the car accident.

Emma tells Connie that both girls were in induced comas following the incident, but that they are now fine.

We also see Connie reunite with her children during a supervised visit at the hospital (although it's clear that she and husband Karl are separated now).

Will Connie be released from psychiatric hospital?

It's left unknown as to whether or not Emma's testimony is enough to convince jurors that Connie is no longer a threat to society.

Too Close
Too Close (ITV) ITV

However, the episode ends on a positive note, with Connie's two children paying her a visit in hospital – before she shares a secret, grateful glance with Emma, who has moved on to another patient.


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