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Too Close episode 2 recap: questions and theories explained

Emily Watson's forensic psychiatrist is pushed to breaking point - and the episode ends on a huge cliffhanger. Here's our recap of Too Close episode two.

Too Close
Published: Tuesday, 13th April 2021 at 10:01 pm

ITV's three-part thriller Too Close continued on Tuesday night, with a huge cliffhanger during the final seconds of episode two.


The series follows forensic psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson and her high-profile patient Connie, played by Emily Watson and Denise Gough respectively in the Too Close cast.

Connie (dubbed the "yummy mummy monster") previously drove her car into a river with two children sat in the back; but she now claims to have no memory of the incident, and Emma's job is to work out whether she's faking the amnesia.

We've unpacked tonight's instalment and broken down some of the key questions and theories that have come up after the events of Too Close episode two.

Too Close episode 2 recap

Too Close episode two delved deeper into the relationship between Connie and her beautiful best friend and neighbour, Ness – in addition to unpacking forensic psychiatrist Emma's own trauma.

In flashbacks, we learn that Connie (reluctantly) agreed to an open marriage with her husband, Karl. He pushes her into arranging a date with an old university professor on whom she had a crush – but in reality, she only has her eye on one person: Ness, who recently broke up with her partner.

Connie broaches the subject of her open marriage arrangement to Ness, adding: "I'm available." It's clear to the audience that Connie is attempting to seduce Ness, but the latter appears to rebuff a crushed Connie.

Ness even expresses doubt about the nature of an open marriage, stating that she believes Karl is just looking to "have his cake and eat it".

Too Close
Too Close (ITV) ITV

This makes it even more of a betrayal when Connie later gets butt-dialled by Karl one night – while he's with Ness. Connie listens in horror as the two people she cares most about have loud sex, both unaware that she's listening in.

Her life begins to go downhill as her hair falls out from stress, and she's prescribed strong medication to help with her anxiety.

In the present-day, we also learn more about Emma's daughter, Abigail, and the state of Emma's own marriage.

Emma becomes convinced that her husband is having affair; and the discovery coincides with a letter from a mysterious man, Kenneth Baines, whom Connie becomes ever more curious about after spotting the letter in Emma's bag.

Finally, Emma tells her that Baines is a lorry driver – the implication being that he killed her young daughter Abigail in a traffic accident.

She also reveals her daughter's name to Connie (against her better judgement). "We are the wrecked people, you and I," Connie tells her, clearly emotional.

But is Connie only manipulating Emma into revealing her past?

How did Connie's mum die?

In the episode, Emma repeatedly tries to get in touch with Connie's mother, whom Connie has been asking to see.

However, she learns that Connie's mum, Julia, died about six weeks prior to the incident where Connie drove into a river.

Julia had the beginnings of dementia, and Connie's father, James, also seems to have the disease in the present-day.

But how exactly did Julia die? We learn that she accidentally overdosed on too many painkillers – but an eerie flashback might suggest that there's a more sinister revelation in store.

Will Emma meet Kenneth Baines?

Writing in the letter he sent, Kenneth Baines expresses a desire to meet with Emma (presumably to apologise and begin making amends).

Although it's not been stated aloud, the show has led us to believe that Baines, a lorry driver, accidentally killed Emma's young daughter Abigail in a car crash.

Will Emma face the man who caused her daughter's death?

Will Connie die in the fire?

At the end of the episode, Emma ignores her husband's calls and attends a birthday party with some of her old university friends.

Back at the psychiatric hospital, Connie takes out the cigarette lighter that she stole from Emma back in episode one – and sets fire to her room.

Too Close
Too Close (ITV) ITV

Will the hospital orderlies find the fire and rescue her in time?


Too Close will continue tomorrow on ITV. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or our dedicated Drama hub.


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