Six-part Netflix thriller The Woods is set across 25 years, with part of the story taking place in 1994 and part in 2019. And we won't give too much away, but the Polish drama – based on the novel by Harlan Coben – revolves around a mystery disappearance at a '90s summer camp and a sudden discovery in the present day.


Here's what you need to know about the cast and characters...

Grzegorz Damięcki plays Paweł Kopiński (2019)

Grzegorz Damięcki plays Paweł Kopiński in The Woods

Who is Paweł? A prosecutor in Warsaw. His wife recently passed away from cancer, leaving him a single parent to their young daughter, Kaja, a promising swimmer and diver. He also remains haunted by the memory of his sister, who went missing 25 years ago and whose whereabouts remain a mystery. When he takes on a high-profile case, dangerous secrets from his family's past begin to resurface and threaten to destroy what little he has left.

What else has Grzegorz Damięcki been in? The Polish actor starred in Wataha, which aired internationally under the name "The Border". He's also been in Szóstka, Nielegalni, and Podatek od milosci; and back in 1993, he actually played the minor role of SS Sgt. Kunder in Schindler's List.

Hubert Miłkowski plays Young Paweł (1994)

Hubert Miłkowski plays Young Paweł in The Woods

Who is Young Paweł? In 1994, he is the chaperone at a summer camp for high school students. On the final night of the camp, his sister and three other teenagers sneak off into the woods and never return, leaving Paweł to answer for how they slipped away without him noticing.

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What else has Hubert Miłkowski been in? The young actor is a relative newcomer to our screens. He did appear in the 2018 World War Two movie Squadron 303.

Agnieszka Grochowska plays Laura Goldsztajn (2019)

Agnieszka Grochowska plays Laura Goldsztajn in The Woods

Who is Laura? In the present day, Laura is a university professor. Much like Paweł, she still harbours painful memories of that awful night at the camp as well as its dreadful aftermath, so is keen to seek closure when the opportunity arises.

What else has Agnieszka Grochowska been in? The Polish Academy Award-winner has starred in the 2012 movie Shameless, and in The Welts, In Darkness, Beyond the STeppes, Walesa Man of Hope, and Upperdog. In 2018 she played Elle Fanning's on-screen mum Marla in the musical drama Teen spirit. Recent credits have included Motyw, Sanctuary, and My Wonderful Wanda.

Wiktoria Filus plays Young Laura (1994)

Wiktoria Filus plays Young Laura in The Woods

Who is Young Laura? In 1994, she attends the fateful summer camp in the woods as her father is the organiser. She and Paweł share a budding romance, which is put under strain after four of their peers go missing.

What else has Wiktoria Filus been in? The emerging actress has appeared in The Hater,, and Nothing is Lost.

Ewa Skibińska plays Paweł's mother

Ewa Skibińska plays Paweł's mother in The Woods

Who is Paweł's mother? She works at the summer camp as a doctor and vouched for her son to get him a job there. She loves him but isn't afraid to be stern when he doesn't apply himself to his work.

What else has Ewa Skibińska been in? The Polish actress is known partly for her stage work, but she's also been in the TV series Na Dobre i na Ciebie, Pierwsza milosc, and Blinded by the Lights.

Martyna Byczkowska plays Kamila (1994)

Martyna Byczkowska plays Kamila in The Woods

Who is Kamila? Pawel's younger sister, who is also at the summer camp. She and three other teenagers wander into the woods on the last night of camp and never come back. To this day, Kamila's fate remains unknown and the terrible loss haunts Paweł daily.

What else has Martyna Byczkowska been in? She's appeared on Polish TV in Television Theatre, Druga szansa, and O mnie sie nie martw.

Adam Wietrzyński plays Artur (1994)

Adam Wietrzyński plays Artur in The Woods

Who is Artur? One of the teenagers at summer camp. He's a bit of a wildcard with a temper that makes him unpredictable, but Paweł still considers him a good friend.

What else has Adam Wietrzyński been in? This is one of his first big roles, but he has previously appeared in the Polish series Wojenne dziewczyny.

Izabela Dąbrowska plays Artur's mother

Izabela Dąbrowska plays Artur's mother in The Woods

Who is Artur's mother? A cleaner at the summer camp, who wants her son to stay out of trouble.

What else has Izabela Dąbrowska been in? She's appeared in Ida, Show, The Chairman's Ear, Najmro, Na Wspólnej, and The Occupation.

Jakub Gola plays Daniel (1994)

Jakub Gola plays Daniel in The Woods

Who is Daniel? Daniel is another guest at the summer camp, who develops a romance with Paweł's sister.

What else has Jakub Gola been in? He's had a handful of small roles, including in the TV sereis 39 i pól tygodnia.

Cezary Pazura plays Krzysztof Dunaj-Szafrański (2019)

Cezary Pazura plays Krzysztof Dunaj-Szafrański in The Woods

Who is Kryzsztof? The father of young man accused of rape. He's a prominent TV reporter, and he offers to bribe Paweł to get his son out of trouble. When that doesn't work, he vows to dig up dirt on Paweł himself.

What else has Cezary Pazura been in? He played the recurring role of "Donald from Brussells" in The Chairman's Ear, and was Mariusz in the TV series Blinded by the Lights. Other credits include Kroll, Tato, and Psy.

Kinga Jasik plays Monika (1994)

Kinga Jasik Kinga Jasik plays Monika in The Woodsplays Monika

Who is Monika? A pretty, popular girl at the summer camp who Artur falls for.

What else has Kinga Jasik been in? Her biggest role to date has been in the TV series The Crown of the Kings, playing Helena.

Other key characters in The Woods include Inspector Buczkowski, Inspector Jork (both investigating a murder case in 2019), and Wojtek Malczak, senior counselor at Korczak High School Summer Camp in 1994. We also meet Klaudia Broniarek, a student who has accused two young men of rape.

The cast also includes Jacek Koman, Magdalena Czerwińska, Adam Ferency, Przemysław Bluszcz, Dorota Kolak, Piotr Głowacki and Arkadiusz Jakubik.


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