BBC1's four-part legal thriller The Victim concluded with a twist, as viewers finally discovered the identity of Eddie J Turner, a child killer living under witness protection.


*WARNING: Contains spoilers for The Victim episode four*

The series followed Anna (Kelly Macdonald), a nurse whose nine-year-old son was tortured and killed by an older child — Eddie J Turner — over a decade ago.

In the present day, bus driver Craig Myers (James Harkness) is brutally attacked following Anna's online post alleging Myers is Turner, and Anna is charged with incitement to murder.

However, it soon becomes clear that there are potentially multiple men who fit the profile of Turner — and episode three concluded with the apparent revelation that Craig's best friend Tom Carpenter was really Turner.

In the series finale, Anna is convicted for conspiring to have Craig assaulted. Believing that she has falsely accused an innocent man and ruined his life in the process, she meets with Craig for a restorative justice session.

However, during the session a distressed Craig breaks down — and reveals that he is Eddie J Turner after all.

The episode ends with Craig and Anna meeting at the location where her son Liam was killed. Craig recounts the events that led up to Liam's death, breaking down in tears. When Anna's ex-husband appears clutching a knife, Anna stands between him and Craig, in a final twist that viewers dubbed "heartbreaking".

"That last 15-20 minutes of The Victim on BBC1 was hands down the hardest and most heartbreaking tv I've ever watched!," Helen Manley wrote.

"Oooof. That last 20 mins of was some of the best acting I’ve ever seen, but how difficult was it to watch? Absolutely heartbreaking. Brilliantly written drama, and I thought the ending was perfect. The BBC are absolutely killing it lately," another viewer posted on Twitter.

"I was in bits watching that ending, heartbreaking stuff," one viewer posted.


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