The true origins of the name Poldark

Is Poldark a genuine surname? Actually, it has a history all its own...


Poldark. To viewers of the BBC TV show the name instantly conjures up Aidan Turner’s brooding looks, those dark luxuriant curls – on both his head and chest – and the stunning Cornwall scenery.


But where did it originate? Is the name Poldark real? And what’s the story behind it?

In fact, it’s a concoction of Poldark creator Winston Graham’s. When looking for a suitable moniker for his dashing hero, the author began by naming him after a friend, a chemist named Polgreen. And yet something wasn’t right.

Polgreen didn’t feel quite formidable, quite mysterious enough. This hero deserved something stronger, something… darker. And so Poldark was born.


And the rest is history.