Meet the cast of The Last Post

Who’s who in BBC1's 60s military drama


The Last Post is penned by the Bafta-winning writer Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice, Silk), the six-parter is set in 1960s Yemen and is based on Moffat’s childhood memories of his father’s career as an officer in the Royal Military Police and his mother’s struggle between being what the army required her to be and what she wanted to be.


The job of the RMP is two-fold: they are half soldiers and half policemen who face constant threat just as the 1960s and sexual liberation are getting into full swing.

Get to know the cast below…

Jessica Raine as Alison Laithwaite

The Last Post Jessica Raine

Fiery, flirty Alison is struggling to fit into her prescribed role of The Doting Wife to Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite. She is restless, scandalous, direct and becoming more and more estranged from her husband – mostly because she is unfaithful and drinks enough gin to sink a small ship. Alison uses her playfulness as a mask for her inner sadness and dissatisfaction.

Where do I recognise her from?

Raine is best known for her portrayal of Jenny Lee, the main character in the first three series of Call the Midwife. She also played Jane Rochford in Wolf Hall, Jules Sutter in Fortitude and Annie Quaintain in Jericho.

Stephen Campbell Moore as Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite

the last post

Lieutenant Laithwaite is an outsider and a bit of a tortured soul. He is ambitious and angling for a promotion but his progressive ideologies and unconventional approach are problematic for the army, which is hesitant to reward him.

Where do I recognise him from?

Campbell Moore was on our screens very recently as Charles, the troubled friend in The Child in Time alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. You might have also seen him in The History Boys in 2006 as the young teacher, Irwin. Since then, Campbell Moore’s notable roles have included Ashes to Ashes and The Wrong Mans.

Jeremy Neumark-Jones as Captain Joe Martin

the last post

Captain Joe Martin is a new arrival amongst soldiers who have gotten well-used to life in Aden. Though young, he is very driven and keen to assert his authority – over both his troops and his new wife.

Where do I recognise him from?


The Last Post marks Neumark-Jones’ first big television role, but eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted him in last year’s BBC1 drama One of Us as Adam Elliot, one half of the couple found brutally murdered in the first episode.