The Crown star says season 4’s Diana storyline is “thrilling”

Josh O'Connor, who portrays Prince Charles in the Netflix drama, has teased upcoming Diana scenes in season four.

Josh O'Connor plays Prince Charles

Fans of Netflix hit The Crown cannot wait for the long-awaited season four to arrive for another dose of royal drama, family tensions and the introduction of Diana Spencer (played by Emma Corrin).


While plot hints are few and far between at this point, star Josh O’Connor, who plays Prince Charles in series three and four, has hinted at a few exciting scenes to come.

“The Diana stuff has been thrilling to play,” he told Esquire recently. “For me, that’s the juicy stuff.

“The question of having to wait for your mum to die in order for your life to have meaning, and what the means for a young man.”

He continued: “It’s just bizarre. Charles doesn’t necessarily want power, but until she dies, what the hell is he doing? What is his existence? He has no purpose.”

The Crown’s third season saw Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Coleman) clash with her son (O’Connor) as he began to take on more royal responsibilities in his early twenties that come with his investiture as Prince of Wales.

While we saw Charles develop a romantic relationship with Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell) last series, before it is quickly squashed by Her Majesty the Queen, season four will see the arrival of Diana Spencer (Corrin), whom he married in 1981.

Also speaking to the publication, The Crown’s creator Peter Morgan teased the upcoming season, saying: “Charles and Diana’s marriage – it was three Brexits and three COVIDs wrapped into one, wasn’t it?”

He continued: “Everybody is defined in some shape or form in terms of their reaction to the events that [the royal family] inflicted upon us. And at the heart of all that was this marriage. I think what’s so sad about it is they were such a dream team. It could have been so fantastic.”

Netflix has not yet announced the release date for The Crown’s fourth season, but Tobiaz Menzies confirmed in June that shooting wrapped early due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Season five of The Crown, in which Imelda Staunton is set to take over as the Queen, will not land on our screens until 2022, recent reports say.


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