In season two of The Bay, Morven Christie and her colleagues at Morecambe's police station are joined by guest stars including James Cosmo, Joe Absolom, Sunetra Sarker, Sharon Small, and (very briefly) Stephen Tompkinson.


Christie stars as family liaison officer Lisa Armstrong, an important member of the police department who works closely with families and friends of crime victims.

In season one, she took on a missing persons case after teenage twins Holly and Dylan disappeared — only to discover that she had a personal connection to the family, which threatened to jeopardise the case and her career.

Now, the second season picks up with Lisa for a brand-new case centred around a wealthy local family and their family law business. Here's everything you need to know about the cast of The Bay for season two.

Morven Christie plays DC Lisa Armstrong

Morven Christie plays DC Lisa Armstrong in The Bay

Who is Lisa Armstrong? Lisa Armstrong is a hard-working family liaison officer who is dedicated to the job; she is also a single mother to two teenagers. In season two, "following the fallout from her mistake last year, Lisa has had to face the consequences of her actions and rebuild the trust of her colleagues and family," ITV tells us. She has been demoted from DS to DC, and is living in a small flat with her son and daughter. Now, "Faced with one of the toughest cases of her career, Lisa must utilise all of her skills as a Family Liaison Officer to support a grieving family and search for the truth, whilst working under the colleague she trained."

What else has Morven Christie been in? Scottish actress Morven Christie has previously played Amanda Hopkins in the ITV drama Grantchester, and starred as Alison Hughes in the BBC's The A Word. She also led The Replacement alongside Vicky McClure, and played Kirsten in Sarah Phelps' 2018 adaptation of Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence.

Joe Absolom plays Andy Warren

Joe Absolom plays Andy Warren in The Bay

Who is Andy Warren? Lisa's ex-husband, and Abbie and Rob's father. He has been absent from their lives for nearly a decade and is described as "consistently unreliable", but we meet him for the first time in season two. "Now claiming to have turned over a new leaf, Andy has returned with a determination to be a good parent and to rebuild the bridges he’s previously burnt in Morecambe, but this isn’t as easy as he initially thought." The question remains: is he genuinely try to make amends, or is he taking advantage?

What else has Joe Absolom been in? Having spent three years playing Matthew Rose in EastEnders, he left the soap in 2000. Since then he's starred as Al Large in Doc Martin, and played killer Christopher Halliwell in A Confession. Other TV shows have included The Level, Ashes to Ashes, Personal Affairs, and Vincent.

Daniel Ryan plays DI Tony Manning

Who is DI Tony Manning? DI Tony Manning is Lisa Armstrong's boss. He's a "dedicated, down-to-earth leader" who is devoted to his team and to his job. In season two, Manning is struggling to cope with the breakdown of his marriage.

What else has Daniel Ryan been in? Viewers will probably recognise stage and screen actor Daniel Ryan from shows like Innocent, in which he played Phil Collins; ITV's Vera; and Mount Pleasant, in which he played Dan. You may also have seen him in The Government Inspector, The Whistleblowers, Cold Call, Home Fires, or 2008 Doctor Who episode Midnight – in which he played Biff Kane.

Taheen Modak plays DC "Med" Kharim

Who is DS "Med" Kharim? In season one, DC "Med" Kharim was assigned to shadow DS Lisa Armstrong. But now she has been demoted, he's had to step up to DS and take her old job as family liaison officer – which is a big task. "Full of genuine concern for the families he works with, Med strives to perform as best he can but, without Lisa’s experience, he’s still prone to making mistakes." However, "in this complex case, Med goes beyond what’s required of him to uncover the truth to seek justice."

What else has Taheen Modak been in? Season one of The Bay marked Taheen Modak's professional TV debut. Since then, the young actor has starred in Two Weeks to Live, playing Jay – and has also appeared in Five Dates, Van der Valk, and Ruthless.

James Cosmo plays Bill Bradwell

James Cosmo plays Bill Bradwell in The Bay

Who is Bill Bradwell? Describe as a "Morecambe working-class lad made good," Bill is a successful solicitor with a family law firm. His the father of Rose and Mark. ITV explains: "He’s Teflon-coated and whether it’s his family or his business, he has always known best, providing for his kids and expecting their gratitude and loyalty in return. Recently his sharp mind has started to let him down and the family that he’s given everything to seem all too keen to take advantage of this. His success meant that his children and grand-children had a life far removed from his humble beginnings and as he enters into retirement, he has to defend his choices."

What else has James Cosmo been in? With more than 200 screen credits to his name, James Cosmo has enjoyed a prolific career so far. Recently we've seen him play Farder Coram in His Dark Materials, Bob in Hold the Sunset, Captain Creech in The Durrells, and Jorge da Burgos in The Name of the Rose. The actor is also known for films and TV shows including Highlander, Game of Thrones (playing Jeor Mormont), Sons of Anarchy, Braveheart, Trainspotting, Troy, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ben-Hur, and Wonder Woman.

Stephen Tompkinson plays Stephen Marshbrook

Stephen Tompkinson plays Stephen Marshbrook in The Bay

Who is Stephen Marshbrook? Bill's son-in-law; he's married to Rose, and is described as the "inheritor of Bill’s hard work", as well as an "opinionated patriarch" who doesn't like to be challenged. He has manoeuvred himself between Bill and Mark (Bill's son) in his quest to take over the company.

What else has Stephen Tompkinson been in? Recently there have been roles in The Other One (as Mr Shippen), Torvill & Dean (as George Torvill), Trollied (as Brian), The Split (as Davey), and Eric, Ernie and Me (as Eddie Braben). Other notable credits have included DCI Banks (in which he starred as DCI Alan Banks), Wild at Heart, Drop the Dead Donkey, Truckers, Ballykissangel, Brassed Off, and Hotel Splendide.

Sharon Small plays Rose Marshbrook

Sharon Small plays Rose Marshbrook in The Bay

Who is Rose Marshbrook? Bill's daughter, who is the administrator of the family law firm. She has three children with husband Stephen, and takes a maternal role across the whole family. "After a tricky few years that has seen the loss of contact with her daughter, Grace, and distancing from her son, Jamie, Rose has put all of her energy into making sure Oliver feels happy and loved."

What else has Sharon Small been in? She starred as Sergeant Barbara Havers in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, and has since gone on to appear in Mistresses, Murderland, Downton Abbey (as Marigold Shore in the 2011 Christmas special), The Accidental Medium, Flesh and Blood, London Kills, Trust Me, and Born to Kill. She is the voice of Bud in the Nina and the Neurons TV show.

Steven Robertson plays Mark Bradwell

Steven Robertson plays Mark Bradwell in The Bay

Who is Mark Bradwell? Bill's son, who wants to prove himself. "Overshadowed by his brother-in-law and not trusted by Bill to take charge of the family firm, Mark is painfully aware of his failings as others see it." When his father retires, Mark is keen to step up – but things do not go smoothly.

What else has Steven Robertson been in? Recent years have seen Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson in Shetland, Robert Oswald in Harlots, and Pritchard in Doctor Who episodes Under the Lake and Before the Flood (coincidentally, alongside his The Bay co-star Morven Christie, who played O'Donnell). He's also appeared in T2 Trainspotting, Survivor, Utopia, Being Human, The Bletchley Circle, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Luther.

Sunetra Sarker plays Stella Bradwell

Sunetra Sarker plays Stella Bradwell in The Bay

Who is Stella Bradwell? Mark's wife. "Stella is ambitious, driven and married to Mark. A woman who knows what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it, she has married into a successful family, but to its most passive member. People might think that money is what drives her and that was what attracted her to Mark, but they’d be wrong. Stella likes nice things, but she’s far more unconventional than her manicured and polished look suggests. She fell for Mark, not for his family’s money, but because he was vulnerable. She liked his mess and he wasn’t scared by hers. An observant witness to the goings on in the household and quick-thinking in a crisis, Stella will help guide Mark to pursue their shared goal."

What else has Sunetra Sarker been in? She's starred as Nisha Batra in Brookside, Anji Mittel in No Angels, Zoe Hanna in Casualty, and Kaneez Paracha in Ackley Bridge. Further roles have included Sadia Shar in Informer, Deborah in Cold Feet, Sahana Harrison in Broadchurch, and DCI Jane Burr in Safe House. Strictly Come Dancing fans will remember her from the 2014 series, in which she danced with Brendan Cole – making it to week nine.

Jack Archer plays Jamie Marshbrook

Jack Archer plays Jamie Marshbrook in The Bay

Who is Jamie Marshbrook? Rose and Stephen's 21-year-old son. After university, he and his boyfriend Theo been travelling on Bill's dime – but "despite wanting to see the world, he can’t escape the expectations placed on him to return home. Jamie loves his family, but he’s outgrown them, wants more, and is unsure where to turn."

What else has Jack Archer been in? He's appeared in the movie The Haunting of Alice Bowes, and has a guest role in the upcoming tenth season of Call the Midwife.

Amy James-Kelly plays Grace Marshbrook

Amy James-Kelly plays Grace Marshbrook in The Bay

Who is Grace Marshbrook? At 23, she's the eldest child of Rose and Stephen. Grace is a "compassionate and honest" who has escaped her family to start her life again, working at the yard. Now she's forced to reunite with the family she ran away from.

What else has Amy James-Kelly been in? Having begun her career as Maddie Heath in Coronation Street, she's since starred as Martha Quaintain in Jericho, Jenny Delaney in Safe, Suzannah Washington in Gentleman Jack, and Sarah in the movie Military Wives.

Arian Nik plays Theo Anvari

Arian Nik plays Theo Anvari in The Bay

Who is Theo Anvari? Jamie Marshbrook's boyfriend.

What else has Arian Nik been in? He's popped up in episodes of various TV shows before, including Ackley Bridge, Doctors, Van der Valk (as Kalari Ramecker), and Killing Eve (as Jay). Film roles include Kanker in 2020's Artemis Fowl, and Adam in Dating Amber.

Imogen King plays Abbie Armstrong

Who is Abbie Armstrong? Abbie is Lisa Armstrong's daughter. "Armed with her mother’s stubbornness and strong-will, 17-year-old Abbie used to be the troublemaker within her family, but she’s grown up a lot over the past year and understands the sacrifices Lisa’s had to make," ITV says. "Increasingly aware of Lisa’s professional and financial struggles, Abbie is determined to step up and seeks opportunities that she hopes will ease the pressure at home."

What else has Imogen King been in? King is probably best known for playing Rayna in BBC3's second season of Clique. She also had a walk-in part in the Oscar-winning film Darkest Hour.

Art Parkinson plays Rob Armstrong

Art Parkinson plays Rob Armstrong in The Bay

Who is Rob Armstrong? Lisa's studious and introverted 15-year-old son, and Abbie's brother. Season two sees him grapple with the sudden return of his father, and the highs and lows of first love and friendship drama.

What else has Art Parkinson been in? Parkinson is probably best known for playing Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones, and for voicing Kubo in the animated film Kubo and the Two Strings.

Lindsey Coulson plays Penny

Lindsey Coulson plays Penny in The Bay

Who is Penny? Lisa's mother, and Hollie and Rob's grandmother. In season one she felt overburdened by how much Lisa relied on her for childcare and more – but now the dynamic has shifted the other way, and it's an adjustment. She is also not a fan of Lisa's ex-husband, Andy.

What else has Lindsey Coulson been in? You'll probably recognise Coulson from her role as Carol Jackson in the BBC's long-running soap EastEnders. Her various other TV credits include The Stepfather, Doctor Who, and Clocking Off – and she plays Sarah Tanner in the TV series Bulletproof.

Wendy Kweh plays Lyn Chee

Who is Lyn Chee? Lyn has been working at Bill and his family's law firm for the last six months.

What else has Wendy Kweh been in? She starred as DC Suzie Sim in The Bill, and has since played Amy Teo in Holby City. Other credits include Silent Witness, EastEnders, Hot Hot Hot, and Coronation Street.

Kelcie Atkinson plays Cass Hammond

Kelcie Atkinson plays Cass Hammond in The Bay

Who is Cass Hammond? A 12-year-old girl in foster care.

What else has Kelcie Atkinson been in? This is the young actress's first on-screen appearance. Previously she has performed on stage in Manchester.

Who plays Cassie's foster mother? The role of Becky Thrower, Cassie's foster mother, is played by Julia Haworth. She's previously starred as Claire Peacock in Coronation Street, as well as playing Laura Wade in Doctors and Julie Pullen in Peak Practice.

Who plays Cassie's foster father? The role of Ian Thrower, Cassie's foster father, is played by Adam C Booth. The actor's credits include The Keith Lemon Sketch Show, Hollyoaks (in which he played Darren Osborne), Lemon La Vida Loca, and The Keith and Paddy Picture Show.

Owen McDonnell plays Frank Mercer

Owen McDonnell plays Frank Mercer in The Bay

Who is Frank Mercer? Grace's boss at the scrap yard for the last five years, and a stand-in father figure for her. He's built his own business from scratch.

Where have I seen Owen McDonnell before? He plays Sandra Oh's on-screen husband Niko Polastri in Killing Eve, and is also known for shows including Responsible Child, Women on the Verge, Paula, My Mother and Other Strangers, and Mount Pleasant.

Nigel Hastings plays Chris McGregor

Who is Chris McGregor? A forensic accountant who we meet in episode two.

What else has Nigel Hastings been in? Nigel Hastings has made appearances in many British TV shows, including Call the Midwife, A Very English Scandal, Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders, and Father Brown. Back in 1994 he played "Tea-Tasting Alistair" in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Simon Manyonda plays DS Alex Stewart

Who is DS Alex Stewart? DS Alex "Stu" Stewart works at West Lancashire Police; he's a geek, the tech expert on the team, and the go-to person for digging into the detail and doing the nitty-gritty work. In season two, he's given the responsibility of training up newbie Eddie.

Where have I seen Simon Manyonda before? The theatre and TV actor played Benjamin De Ruyter in the first season of His Dark Materials. He has also appeared in Doctor Who (as Kabel in 2015's Face the Raven), alongside Anthony Hopkins in the star-studded 2018 King Lear TV movie (as the Duke of Burgundy), and Pennyworth (as Lucius Fox).

Thomas Law plays DC Eddie Martin

Thomas Law plays DC Eddie Martin in The Bay

Who is DC Eddie Martin? The newest member of the team. Eddie is young, keen and enthusiastic. He desperately wants to do the job well, but the reality of policing hits him hard.

Where have I seen Thomas Law before? He starred as Peter Beale in EastEnders, and also as Young Gary in The World's End.

Erin Shanagher plays DS Karen Hobson

Erin Shanagher plays DS Karen Hobson in The Bay

Who is DS Karen Hobson? Karen, who we also met in season one, has had a promotion. She is warm, supportive, and has a quick sense of humour as well as a keen sense of justice.

Where have I seen Erin Shanagher before? She's appeared in TV shows including Dark Money, Doctors, Peaky Blinders, The A Word, The Five, The Moorside, and Hit & Miss.

Andrew Dowbiggin plays DS Jamie "Clarkie" Clarke

Andrew Dowbiggin plays DS Jamie "Clarkie" Clarke in The Bay

Who is DS Jamie "Clarkie" Clarke? A loud-mouthed member of the team who sometimes takes jokes too far (and forgets to think before he speaks).

Where have I seen Andrew Dowbiggin before? Credits include Emmerdale (as Anton Bluth) and Coronation Street (as Toby Chapman).

Leo Ashton plays Oliver Marshbrook

Leo Ashton plays Oliver Marshbrook in The Bay

Who is Oliver Marshbrook? At 10 years old, Oliver is the youngest child of Rose and Stephen Marshbrook. He is sweet, cheeky, and well-loved.

Where have I seen Leo Ashton before? Leo Ashton played Sam Kallisto in Deep Water, and has also appeared in the TV series Doctors and the 2018 movie Peterloo.

Richard Huw plays Tom

Richard Huw plays Tom in The Bay

Who is Tom? Boyfriend of Penny, Lisa's mother.

What else has Richard Huw been in? Character actor Richard Huw has been all over our screens in a variety of smaller roles. Credits include Coronation Street, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness, Moving On, No Offence, The Coroner, Care, and series two of Line of Duty.

Jonas Armstrong plays Sean Meredith (season 1 only)

Who is Sean Meredith? Sean is a fisherman and the step-father to teenage twins Dylan and Holly, who go missing. He's married to Jess Meredith, with whom he's had two more children, with a third on the way.

What else has Jonas Armstrong been in? You'll probably remember Jonas Armstrong as Robin of Locksley in BBC One's television drama Robin Hood, which first aired in 2006. He's also starred as Nathaniel in Ripper Street and played Menelaus in Troy: Fall of a City, and guest-starred in Death in Paradise, in which he played Dylan Shepherd.

Chanel Cresswell plays Jess Meredith (season 1 only)

Chanel Cresswell plays Jess Meredith in The Bay

Who is Jess Meredith? Jess Meredith is mother to teenage twins Dylan and Holly Meredith, who go missing following a trip to the local youth club. She's desperate to see them returned home, and tries to co-operate with DS Lisa Armstrong's prying questions about the family's home life — and her relationship with Sean.

What else has Chanel Cresswell been in? Chanel Cresswell is best known for playing Kelly Jenkins in the film This is England and the subsequent series This is England '86, This is England '88 and This is England '90. She won a Best Supporting Actress BAFTA in 2016 for her portrayal of the role. She also played Katie McVey in Sky sitcom Trollied.

Matthew McNulty plays Nick Mooney (season 1 only)

Matthew McNulty plays Nick Mooney in The Bay

Who is Nick Mooney? A local young man with an intellectual disability, who lives with his wheelchair-bound mother as her carer. He likes to hang around the youth club and was caught on CCTV arguing with Dylan on the night the teenager disappeared.

What else has Matthew McNulty been in? Over the last few years, the actor has starred as Dave in Cleaning Up, Guillaume in Versailles, Lt. Edward Little in The Terror, Jem Merlyn in Jamaica Inn, Jack in Black Work, and Lucien Grimaud in The Musketeers. Other credits include The Paradise, Misfits, and Lark Rise to Candleford.

Hazel Ellerby plays Sue Mooney (season 1 only)

Hazel Ellerby as Sue Mooney in The Bay

Who is Sue Mooney? Nick's mother. She is very protective of her son, who is classed as a "vulnerable adult."

What else has Hazel Ellerby been in? Screen credits include EastEnders, Endeavour, and Peak Practice.

Jordan Mifsud plays Krzysztof Babakowski (season 1 only)

Jordan Mifsud plays Krzysztof in The Bay

Who is Krzysztof Babakowski? Sean's friend and fellow trawlerman. They were on a night out together when the twins went missing.

What else has Jordan Mifsud been in? The actor has appeared in Risk, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and The Siege of Jadotville. He also featured as a CIA agent in US drama The Looming Tower.

Philip Hill-Pearson plays Ryan Foley (season 1 only)

Philip Hill-Pearson plays Ryan in The Bay

Who is Ryan Foley? Jess Meredith's brother Ryan is also a fisherman, and works alongside Sean on the boat.

What else has Philip Hill-Pearson been in? Coronation Street fans play recognise him as DC Hough. He's also played Sir Everard Digby in Kit Harington TV drama Gunpowder, Bruce in Shameless, and Frank Marshall in WPC 56.

Ellie Duckles plays Hanna Babakowski (season 1 only)

Ellie Duckles plays Hanna in The Bay

Who is Hanna Babakowski? The wife of Sean's best friend, Krzysztof.

What else has Ellie Duckles been in? She played Amber in The A List, and also put in an appearance in the TV series Safe as Young Rachel.

Louis Greatorex plays Sam (season 1 only)

Louis Greatorex plays Sam in The Bay

Who is Sam? One of Rob's friends, who goes to school in Morecambe with both Rob and Abbie.

What else has Louis Greatorex been in? The young actor has starred as Lawrence in Last Tango in Halifax, Henry Mason in Safe, and Paul Stoneham in The Last Post. He recently put in an appearance in Death in Paradise as the young heir to a sugar plantation.

Ciaran Griffiths plays Lee Ward (season 1 only)

Ciaran Griffiths plays Lee Ward in The Bay

Who is Lee Ward? The twins' biological father. He has not been involved in their lives since they were very young. Jess says he was a deadbeat dad, while Lee insists he was forced out of the family when Sean arrived on the scene.

What else has Ciaran Griffiths been in? Shakespeare and Hathaway fans will recognise him as Billy "The Brick" Porter. Ciaran Griffiths has also appeared in The Mill, Vera, EastEnders, and Cold Feet.

Tracie Bennett plays Margaret Foley (season 1 only)

Who is Margaret Foley? Grandmother to missing twins Dylan and Holly Meredith, Margaret remains coy when DS Lisa Armstrong presses her about the reality of the Merediths' home life.

What else has Tracie Bennett been in? Tony-nominated stage and screen actress Tracie Bennett is probably best remembered by viewers as Sharon Bentley (née Gaskell) in ITV's long-running soap Coronation Street.

Adam Long plays Vincent (season 1 only)

Who is Vincent? A construction worker, Vincent meets Hollie Armstrong when she revisits the demolished arcade where she used to visit as a child.

What else has Adam Long been in? Long is probably best known for his role as Joe Bancroft in the TV series Bancroft. He's also appeared in films such as the Oscar-wining Dunkirk.

Darci Shaw plays Holly (season 1 only)

Who is Holly? Daughter of Sean and Jess Meredith, Holly and her twin Dylan go missing.

What else has Darci Shaw been in? The Bay is Shaw's first onscreen role. She's also set to star as the young Judy Garland in the upcoming film biopic Judy, starring Renée Zellweger in the title role.

Noah Valentine plays Dylan (season 1 only)

Who is Dylan? Holly's twin, Dylan and his sister both go missing at the beginning of episode one.

What else has Noah Valentine been in? Valentine played Ben Siddel in Coronation Street and has also appeared in the Warrington bombing drama Mother's Day, in which he played Dom.


The Bay season two begins on Wednesday 20th January at 9pm on ITV, continuing on Wednesdays. Take a look at what else is on with our TV guide.