ITVX is premiering teen drama Tell Me Everything, which could be described as Skins for the social media generation, and has an exclusive first look at the series.


The story follows a group of students, each of whom are battling personal issues and/or mental health concerns, which are exacerbated by the inescapable shadow of technology and social media.

There's a particular focus on the character of Jonny Murphy (played by newcomer Eden H Davies) to begin with, as he suffers a devastating personal loss that plunges his undiagnosed depression to new depths.

In the clip below, Jonny has an awkward encounter with Regan (Tessa Lucille), a new starter at his college, while trying to process a traumatic event that has just occurred. Watch below:

As the series progresses, Jonny will cross paths with another new student named Mei (Callina Liang), but long-time friends Louis (Spike Fearn) and Neve (Lauryn Ajufo) worry she could be a bad influence on him.

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Tell Me Everything is one of the flagship new titles coming to freshly-launched streaming service ITVX, with all six episodes dropping at once as a binge watch launch.

The series has been described by ITV as "provocative" and is sure to draw comparisons with Skins, which also followed a group of teenagers facing serious issues and was praised for its challenging storylines over an esteemed run.

The series is created by Mark O'Sullivan (Lee and Dean), who told press that the show is partially inspired by his own experiences, describing Jonny as a "much cooler" version of his own teenage self.

Yesterday, ITVX unveiled the full trailer for Tell Me Everything, which teases some of the intense drama in store for these characters over the course of season 1. You can check that out below too.

Tell Me Everything launches 8th December on ITVX, with all episodes available to binge. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what else is on.


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