Suffering from Downton Abbey withdrawal? Julian Fellowes has the answer…

The creator of the ITV drama has announced Belgravia, a period novel released over 11 weeks on his new app


Downton Abbey’s final ever episode aired on Christmas Day and fans were understandably distraught. In fact, we still are, facing the prospect of 2016 without our annual period drama fix.


But, luckily, there’s an app for that.

Creator Julian Fellowes is set to grace the world with another of his historical dramas. Belgravia, a story set in London during the 1840s, will be available in 11 instalments from April this year.

But it won’t be appearing on our TV screens. Instead, Fellowes’ latest tale will be available on his new app, with a section of the novel appearing weekly.

It might sound awfully newfangled, but Fellowes promises us it’s not. “Belgravia is where up-to-the-minute technology meets with the age-old art of storytelling… in the tradition of Charles Dickens,” he explains.

The novel “is the story of a secret. A secret that unravels behind the porticoed doors of London’s grandest postcode,” reveals the writer, adding: “the story begins on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. At the Duchess of Richmond’s now legendary ball, one family’s life will change for ever…”

You’ll be able to subscribe to the full 11-episode weekly serial for £9.99 or buy individual weekly episodes for £1.49. Each new instalment will be delivered, both in text and audio, to your device each Friday, along with bonus material too, like maps, family trees and portraits of the story’s characters.


I don’t know about you, but a world without Lady Mary and co is feeling decidedly less bleak already…