Warning: This article contains spoilers for Succession season 4.


Each episode in the final season of Succession appears to deliver another huge twist or turn for the Roy family, but it seems this week could be the most shocking yet.

The official synopsis for episode 8 says: "On election night, Tom tries to manage an increasingly chaotic newsroom, while Kendall, Shiv, and Roman spar over the consequences of the result – for themselves, the company, and the country."

That already sounds dramatic, but back at the season 4 premiere in March 2023, creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong was asked for the most shocking episode of the season besides the finale by The Hollywood Reporter, and told them that it was "maybe episode 8".

Of course, the interview took place ahead of Logan Roy's shock death in episode 3, and Armstrong would have wanted to draw attention away from that – however, it would still suggest fans are in for a big episode this week.

Some fans have theorised that the "shock" from episode 8 could be the death of Kieran Culkin's character Roman Roy, Logan's youngest son. The character has gone increasingly off the rails since Logan's death, and fans have noted that he doesn't get a mention in the synopsis for episode 9.

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That episode's synopsis says: "As the family girds themselves for an emotional funeral, Kendall finds himself at odds with Rava… and inopportune news from Jess. Later, Shiv tries to reposition herself within a new political landscape, as Kendall rallies supporters to his side."

It has of course been assumed that the funeral is for Logan, and that would still certainly seem to be the case – but the ambiguity could allow for another shock death in the family and a time jump.

Of course this is all just speculation, but whatever the case, the threat of "consequences" for the characters is likely to keep fans on edge the whole way through episode 8.

Season 4 episode 7 saw Lukas Matsson and Shiv Roy's alliance deepening, as Shiv worked to undermine her brothers' plans by leaking information to Matsson.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the episode's release, Matsson star Alexander Skarsgård said of the characters' relationship: "He’s one hundred percent using her. It’s a wedge in between the siblings. He sees an opening. He’s a predator. He sees that he needs to get at least one of them on board."

He continued: "Roman is out, but he smells blood in the water, this friction between the siblings. He smells the opening. He does move fast and break things, but he can read people."

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