Warning: This article contains spoilers for Succession season 4.


Succession cemented its place in the pantheon of all-time TV greats this week with an episode that brilliantly, and devastatingly, pulled the rug from under everyone's feet.

If you've managed to get your breath back after an hour's worth of nail-biting tension, heartbreaking denials and compelling performances that left you sympathising with a family who make the Murdoch clan look cuddly, you might be wondering where the Roys go from here.

Here's an entirely speculative, and spoiler-heavy, look at how the remainder of the fourth and final season may play out.

Have we really seen the last of Logan Roy?

Despite Roman hanging onto every last shred of hope that his truly monstrous father had miraculously survived his mid-flight collapse, Logan is indeed deader than Kerry's newscaster career. But in a post-episode interview, Brian Cox revealed he'd shot several flashbacks still to be screened.

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Could the ruthless patriarch further impact Succession's denouement from beyond the grave?

Where does this leave the kids?

One of the most affecting moments from "Connor's Wedding" was the improvised three-way hug between Shiv, Kendall and Roman. The siblings had, of course, already put some of their many differences behind them to agree a deal with Pierce Global Media and stall GoJo's acquisition of the family business. And, no longer having to contend with their father's manipulative behaviour, perhaps they can remain a united front.

The trio have already shown a display of togetherness, issuing a statement ahead of the following day's board meeting in which they pledged to help the company move forward. The plummeting stock price in response to its founder's passing, however, proves that it won't be an easy ride.

The cast of Succession season 4.
The cast of Succession season 4. SEAC

There's always the prospect of another Machiavellian scheme, too. This is the Roys we're talking about after all. You wouldn't, therefore, put it past one of the power-hungry kids (Connor seems content pursuing his 1 per cent of the voting electorate) to stab the other two in the back in a bid to become CEO either.

Who else could come out on top?

Tom seems in the prime position, having weaselled his way to the top of the chain and stayed there despite splitting with Shiv (although there was a hint of a reconciliation here, too). He didn't take long getting into business mode again, instructing Greg to delete a logistics file for reasons so far unknown and wanting it made clear he was by Logan's side at the end. Of course, as Karl points out in the new mid-season trailer, he's still a "clumsy interloper" who no one trusts and whose only champion is now dead.

Greg has form when it comes to getting rid of sensitive information. The last time he received such a request, he made copies and used them to blackmail Tom. There's little doubt he could be as sneaky again should it help shift power in his favour – but apart from providing some comic relief, it's still not quite clear what, if anything, Greg brings to the table.

What will happen to Logan’s inner circle?

In one of the episode's many perfectly crafted shots, Logan’s "best pal" Colin is shown looking completely crestfallen as his boss’s lifeless body finally arrives on solid ground. But he's not the only member of the mogul's inner circle likely to be feeling entirely unmoored.

Hilariously compared to Chuckles the Clown for her maniacal response to all the mid-air drama, Kerry probably has the most to lose. Unless Logan has recently changed his will, or even more scandalously, she's fallen pregnant with his child, the PA's meal ticket has well and truly disappeared. And the fact his offspring quite clearly can't stand her means we probably won't see her beyond the funeral.

Zoe Winters stars in Succession season 4.
Zoe Winters as Kerry in Succession season 4. SEAC

Gerri was ruthlessly ousted from Logan's entourage just moments before his death – but as far as we know, only his youngest son is aware of this final request. And considering the bizarre will they/won't they chemistry they share, Roman may well pretend that the firing never happened. If this isn't the case, expect Gerri to go on the warpath and perhaps bring a sexual harassment lawsuit into the equation, too.

What about the proposed deal?

The mid-season trailer suggests Matsson is still interested in purchasing Waystar. But scoffing at claims the firm is a "trusted brand", he seems to be angling for a lower price, something that would have a knock-on effect on the siblings' ability to acquire PMG. Kendall, meanwhile, seems hesitant to go through with any kind of deal, telling the Swede, "You don’t understand what you're buying." Whatever happens, it's unlikely to play out as originally intended.

Who leaked news of Logan's death?

One of the episode's biggest mysteries revolved around the leaking of Logan's death before the planned official announcement, a development which had catastrophic effects on the stock market.

J Smith Cameron stars in Succession season 4.
J Smith Cameron as Gerri in Succession season 4. SEAC

Maybe Gerri decided to enact her revenge having learned she was now surplus to requirements? Her cold-blooded demeanour with a clearly grief-stricken Roman suggested her loyalty had been pushed to its limits. Could Succession's village idiot Greg have blurted out the news on the way to his latest document-deleting mission, or perhaps the journalist within earshot of Tom's crucial phone call put two and two together?

Could the season 4 poster hold further clues?

We now know the season 4 poster featured one pretty big clue about Logan's demise: the aeroplane reflected in the skyscraper. So, could there be any other major plot points hidden in plain sight?

Well, some fans believe the Empire State Building silhouette directly below Kendall is of some significance. Could this simply mean the most obvious heir apparent will finally take full control of Waystar? Or in a more macabre theory, could this be foreshadowing a fatal jump?

And why does Greg look even shiftier than usual? Perhaps it's a sign one of the most popular fan theories – the bumbling outsider will end up the true victor – will be proven right.

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