The Secrets She Keeps ending explained: Did Aggie get her comeuppance?

This six-part BBC drama would have sent a chill down the spine of any parent. But how did it all end? **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

The Secrets She Keeps – episode 6

BBC One’s The Secrets She Keeps is an Australian psychological thriller drama based on the novel by Michael Robotham that will have you shrieking through your fingers: “Oh my God, that deranged English woman (Laura Elizabeth Carmichael, aka Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey) is going to steal that baby.”


The climax of the series revealed an even darker side to Aggie (Carmichael) – she fled Sydney with baby Rory for Northbridge where we’ve already seen her tending to some sort of (shudder) baby graveyard. She claims to love baby Rory. Surely she’ll keep him safe?

Here’s how the final episode of The Secrets She Keeps played out.

The Secrets She Keeps ending explained

Aggie phones Hayden (Michael Sheasby) from the train station. Hayden pleads with her to take Rory to hospital. Aggie hears Detectives McAteer and Poulos at Hayden’s mum’s door and does a runner.

The police challenge Hayden. Hayden tells his mum to stop referring to baby Rory as her grandson: baby Rory is baby Ben. Detective Poulos finds Aggie’s weird collection of baby locks.

Meghan tells Detectives Soussa and Haven that she saw Aggie at the vigil and touched baby Rory’s head. She agrees to return home. Haven warns Meghan that the press have got wind of Jack’s affair – she should come clean to Jack (Michael Dorman) that Ben might not be his.

The abduction hasn’t gone public to avoid spooking Aggie: she’s been been linked to three previous baby abductions. Forensics find human babies remains behind Tunks Park where Aggie has just been spotted with Ben.

Aggie lets herself into her old supermarket workplace for supplies and somewhere to stay. The police accuse Hayden: he is an accessory to abduction. Hayden says he knows about Aggie’s stillborn daughter Chloe but did not know about the child Aggie gave away for adoption.

Meghan blames herself for not twigging that Aggie has been spying. Meghan asks Jack why he slept with Rhea (Jenni Baird), and does he still love him? Meghan wants to tell Jack about Simon (Ryan Corr) but she’s cut off.

The Secrets She Keeps – episode 6
BBC / Lingo Pictures / John Platt

Aggie swipes money and a gun from the supermarket. She sees the news: the forensics have found her baby grave. Aggie calls Hayden to say she didn’t mean to trick him into falling in love with her and Rory. She says she’ll hand Ben to Meghan but if she sees a cop, she’ll shoot Rory.

Meghan confronts Hayden. – she isn’t convinced at the police’s plans to use a double, and does the old switcheroo with the phone the police have recovered from Aggie.

Hayden flees custody by pretending to be sick and legging it over Anzac bridge. Back at ops, Jack tells Meghan that Aggie pushed her ex-husband under a train, so Meghan needs be kept safe.

Aggie is at the National Maritime Museum but Meghan’s double is at an art gallery. Aggie tells Meghan her real location. Hayden arrives and offers Aggie $5,000 and a place to hide. He says he loves her but Aggie says she’s not running.

Meghan ignores McAteer’s orders to stand down. Aggie doesn’t expect forgiveness from Meghan and talks about the child she gave away for adoption and the other abductions. Meghan knows that the police will track her phone. Aggie agrees to let Meghan feed Ben.

Aggie claims she’s not a monster but pulls the gun. The police sniper laser trains on Aggie’s head. Aggie fails to confuse the sniper, and holds the gun to her own head. We hear a gun shot, but we do not see by whom.

Did Aggie die?

The Secrets She Keeps – episode 6
BBC / Lingo Pictures / John Platt

Flashforward to Ben’s christening. Meghan has forgiven Jack but hasn’t admitted her own affair. Megan pulls another switcheroo with Ben’s DNA swab and one from her eldest son.

Aggie is in prison with her arm in a sling where the police have shot her. She says she’s been robbed of everything she ever wanted, including her choice to die. Aggie grieves for the child she gave away, her stillborn child, the babies she abducted and her precious Rory. She is still jealous of Meghan.

Megan worries that she may have committed the same crimes in Aggie’s shoes, but says she’s willing to live an imperfect marriage for the sake of her children…


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