The Secrets She Keeps viewers praise series’ powerful climax

The BBC One series built to a satisfying conclusion according to social media reaction. *WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS*

The Secrets She Keeps – episode 6

BBC One’s babynapping drama The Secrets She Keeps ended in suitably thrilling style on Tuesday night and the audience reaction was largely satisfied, ranging from total superfans to those who thought it a touch on the melodramatic side.


Generally anyone who stuck with the six-part Australian story of an unbalanced, baby-fixated shop assistant was positive about the conclusion.

Some The Secrets She Keeps viewers on Twitter even managed to find some sympathy for the babynapper Agatha, played by Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichel, who appeared to be about to turn a gun on herself in the climactic finale, but was later pictured in a prison cell. At least this element was true to the real-life story on which The Secrets She Keeps was based, as we reported earlier.

Interestingly, the moral ambiguity of the baby’s mother, Meghan (Jessica De Gouw), really seemed to upset some viewers. In fact, she could be considered even less sympathetic than Agatha after she faked a DNA to obscure the fact that baby Ben was not her husband’s and her refusal to reveal she was having an affair while at the same time punishing Jack for his indiscretions.

Some focused their attention on the peculiar way Agatha’s fiancé Hayden went from complete denial and disinterest to true love and a willingness to join her in her criminal ways.

But one thing everyone seemed to agree on was the comical ineptitude of Australian police; at least, as they were portrayed in The Secrets She Keeps.


The full series of The Secrets She Keeps is available on BBC iPlayer. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.