Landing on our screens this week, Redemption is set to be ITV's next twisted crime drama that will undoubtedly have us all hooked.


The six-part series follows DI Colette Cunningham after she learns that her estranged daughter Kate has taken her own life. Although based in Liverpool, Colette now has to relocate to Dublin, where her daughter was living as Stacey Lockley for the past 20 years.

Now, Colette has been named the guardian of Stacey's teenage children. But when Colette joins the Dublin Central police service team, she becomes intent on finding out who her daughter became and what doesn't seem to add up in Stacey's final month. Could she get to the bottom of her daughter's death?

Led by Paula Malcomson, the series is set to be the kind of mystery drama fans can't get enough of. And we'd expect nothing less from a drama that comes from the producers of Grace and The Bay.

But who else stars in Redemption? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast and characters in this new drama.

Redemption cast

Paula Malcomson plays DI Colette Cunningham

Redemption - ITV

Who is Colette Cunningham? Colette is the detective and mother at the centre of this drama who has to relocate to Dublin after being previously based in Liverpool.

She's coping with the loss of her estranged daughter, being a guardian for her two teenage grandchildren and is also concerned as to what her daughter's last movements were before her death. Will she manage to uncover the truth around these suspicious circumstances?

Where have I seen Paula Malcomson before? The Northern Irish actress is perhaps best known for her roles as Trixie in Deadwood, Maureen Ashby in Sons of Anarchy and Abby Donovan in Ray Donovan. She also starred as Katniss Everdeen's (Jennifer Lawrence) mother in The Hunger Games, as well as TV dramas like Come Home and Watchmen.

Speaking about her new role in Redemption, Malcolmson has said: "It often feels like one step forward, two steps back – there are television dramas about women, with powerful tour de force female leads, but the stories themselves can still be disappointing and quite gratuitous.

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"I think we're in an interesting time where there's an appetite for other kinds of tales to be told, but we still have the hangover of the male gaze. Redemption isn’t like that – Colette is unencumbered and this is very much her story. It’s commendable that we didn’t even have to go down the road of giving her a love interest."

Keith McErlean plays Patrick Fannon

Redemption - ITV

Who is Patrick Fannon? Patrick is Colette's trusted friend, colleague and confidante but he also doesn't mind bending the rules if it means solving the case. He knows there's something suspicious to be investigated in regards to Colette's daughter's death and that it shouldn't just be ruled out as an open and shut case.

Where have I seen Keith McErlean before? The Irish actor is best known for his role in Kin, but has also had TV roles in Modern Love, Cold Courage, Vikings and Trial of the Century.

Abby Fitz plays Cara Lockley

Redemption - ITV

Who is Cara Lockley? Cara is Colette's granddaughter and is as confused as her brother as to why they're just meeting Colette for the first time after their mother has died. From the looks of the trailer, Cara is also involved with Ross Corby in some way, with is only a point of contention with Colette and could be leading to Cara having to deal with much more than her mother's death.

Where have I seen Abby Fitz before? Fitz has starred in feature film The Cellar, as well as Irish drama Der Irland-Krimi. Redemption is her first major recurring TV role.

Evan O'Connor plays Liam Lockley

Redemption - ITV

Who is Liam Lockley? Liam is Colette's grandson and Cara's brother, who is distraught to learn that his mother has died. Like his sister, they've lived believing that Colette's daughter – who they knew as Stacey – was kicked out of the house by Colette at 17 and so, are surprised that Colette is now their legal guardian. In the trailer, we also see that Liam has no problem defending his sister at school, with him striking Ross in her defence.

Where have I seen Evan O'Connor before? Redemption is O'Connor's first major TV role but he has also starred in 2020 drama comedy film Dating Amber.

Thaddea Graham plays Siobhan Wilson

Redemption - ITV

Who is Siobhan Wilson? Siobhan is one of Colette's new colleagues, who may know that Colette is venturing down dangerous career-ending territory but is intent on helping her get to the bottom of the truth.

Where have I seen Thaddea Graham before? The Northern Irish actress is known for her roles in The Irregulars, Sky's Curfew and also joined the cast of Doctor Who for the 13th season, Flux. She has most recently starred in BBC Three's Wreck and has also joined the cast of Sex Education season 4.

Scott Graham plays Ross Corby

Redemption - ITV

Who is Ross Corby? Not much is known about Ross as of yet but if the trailer is anything to go by, he's a suspicious character that seems to be involved with Cara in some way, leading to Colette and Liam making threats against him. But what could Ross be caught up in?

Where have I seen Scott Graham before? Graham is most recognisable for his role as Frodi in Vikings and as the titular character in comedy series Roy.

Moe Dunford plays Eoin Molony

Redemption - ITV

Who is Eoin Molony? Eoin was Stacey's boyfriend and after meeting him, Colette is immediately suspicious of him. In the trailer, we see that he's lingering at the back of Stacey's funeral not engaging with anyone and not that emotional. Colette is told by her colleagues that Eoin is dangerous and has been on their radar for a while – but is he more involved in Stacey's death than it seems?

Where have I seen Moe Dunford before? Dunford is best known for his roles in Vikings, Patrick's Day but has appeared in many TV series like Game of Thrones, The Dry and Dublin Murders.

Siobhán McSweeney plays Jane Connolly

Mairead Tyers as Jen, Sofia Oxenham as Carrie and Siobhan McSweeney as Mary in Extraordinary.
Mairead Tyers as Jen, Sofia Oxenham as Carrie and Siobhan McSweeney as Mary in Extraordinary. Natalie Seery/Disney+

Who is Jane Connolly? Jane is Colette's new no-nonsense Garda boss who doesn't want any conflict to come in the way of her team. She may be aware of Colette's motivations for wanting to investigate her daughter's death but is also the one to inform Colette of facets of Kate/Stacey's life that she knew nothing about.

Where have I seen Siobhán McSweeney before? The well-known Irish actress has been in a variety of roles but most recently, has starred in Disney+'s Extraordinary, Holding, Death in Paradise and of course, Derry Girls. She is also the presenter of The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Additional cast for Redemption

While we don't yet know how their characters slot exactly into Redemption, the following cast members are also confirmed to star in the series.

  • Ian Lloyd Anderson as Niall Kilduff
  • Patrick Martins as Luke Byrne
  • Sean Hughes as Kevin Cheng
  • Jade Jordan as Debbie Gleeson
  • Sean Duggan as Sean Kinsella
  • Rachel O'Byrne as Stacey Lockley

Redemption will premiere on ITV1 and ITVX on Friday 17th March. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what’s on.


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