Richard Rankin is the latest actor to take on the role of the iconic detective John Rebus in the new BBC six part series adapted from Ian Rankin’s crime novels by Gregory Burke.


The best-selling Inspector Rebus novels were first adapted into a TV show in 2000 for ITV, with the titular role portrayed by John Hannah in the first series, and by Ken Stott in the subsequent three.

This time, Rebus is set in contemporary Edinburgh, with Outlander star Rankin playing a younger version of the detective, who finds himself being drawn into a violent criminal conflict after discovering that his younger brother Michael, a former soldier, is involved with the underworld.

Speaking about Rankin's performance,'s review said: "He's entirely believable as someone who is trying to do the right thing and be the best possible version of himself for his daughter and ex-partner, for whom his love has never wavered."

But who else joins Rankin in the cast? While we await more news on season 2, read on for everything you need to know about the Rebus cast and who they play.

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Rebus cast 2024

The full list of cast members is as follows:

  • Richard Rankin as John Rebus
  • Brian Ferguson as Michael Rebus
  • Lucie Shorthouse as Siobhan Clarke
  • Amy Manson as Rhona Moncrieffe
  • Mia McKenzie as Sammy
  • Stuart Bowman as Ger Cafferty
  • Neshla Caplan as Chrissie Rebus
  • Aidan Connell as Michael Rebus Junior
  • Cailean Galloway as Liam
  • Thoren Ferguson as Malcolm Fox
  • Nick Rhys as Lockie Moncrieffe
  • Andrew John Tait as Neil Mackenzie
  • Cassidy Little as Gary 'Cammy' Campbell
  • Caroline Lee Johnson as Gill Templer
  • Sean Buchanan as George Blantyre
  • Michelle Duncan as Maggie Blantyre
  • Noof Ousellam as Darryl Christie
  • Terence Rae as Andy Rolland
  • Gilly Gilchrist as Jimmy McJagger
  • Aston McAuley as Shaun Strang
  • Séamus McLean Ross as Jack
  • Craig Mclean as Kai
  • Patrick O'Brien as Davey Mathieson
  • Ryan Hayes as Alan Fowler
  • Ami Okumura Jones as Kirsten
  • Melissa Collier as Andrea Thomson

For more information about the characters and where you've seen the actors who play them before, read on.

Richard Rankin plays John Rebus

Rebus leaning on a balcony
Richard Rankin plays John Rebus. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is John Rebus? A detective sergeant working in Edinburgh. Rebus is divorced and he shares a young daughter with his ex-partner. He's also an alcoholic and is wrapped up in a toxic affair.

"[Writer] Greg [Burke] uses the Scottish word 'thrawn' to describe someone who makes life as difficult as possible for themselves," said Rankin. "A martyr to his own cause. Frequently faced with easier choices, Rebus will take the difficult path.

"As for the job, Rebus has the potential and aptitude to be a great detective, and in a lot of ways he is, but he gets in his own way often deliberately, often self-destructively."

What else has Richard Rankin been in? He's best known for time travel romance saga Outlander. You might also have watched him in Scottish sketch show Burnistoun, and BBC dramas The Syndicate, Thirteen, The Replacement and Trust Me.

Lucie Shorthouse plays Siobhan Clarke

Siobhan getting out of a car
Lucie Shorthouse plays Siobhan Clarke. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Siobhan Clarke? A detective constable who works alongside Rebus.

"They're seemingly very different in terms of attitudes, approaches, and who they are in life but they work very, very well together," said Shorthouse. "She's someone who challenges Rebus in certain things as well. She is slightly intimidated by him, but not willing to compromise the integrity of her job."

Rankin recently commented on his character and Siobhan's relationship, telling "John is supposed to be mentoring Siobhan, I think he kind of reluctantly takes her on board – I’m not going to say accepts, because he doesn't really. Because Siobhan's from the fast track, I think he sees that as coming along with inexperience and no real street smarts."

He added: "He starts off being quite cold towards her, which gives us a lot of room and a long way to go with that relationship. It has its ups and downs, but you can tell that it certainly has the makings of what will become quite a close relationship."

Where have I seen Lucie Shorthouse before? You might recognise her from police procedural Bulletproof. She's also appeared in comedies We Are Lady Parts and Henpocalypse.

Amy Manson plays Rhona Moncrieffe

Rhona standing in a white hallway, leaning against the wall
Amy Manson plays Rhona Moncrieffe. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Rhona Moncrieffe? Rebus's ex-wife. They share a daughter, Sammy (Mia McKenzie), but Rhona has since remarried.

"I think at the beginning of this series, Rhona is intent on keeping a solid family dynamic," said Manson. "So that means that she is just intent on getting her ex-husband and her new husband to get along for the sake of her child.

"Rebus irks her at times just because he is who he is. But at the same time, he's her daughter's father, and Rhona's core value system is family. She'll do anything to make that work."

What else has Amy Manson been in? Her CV includes Netflix's Bodies and sci-fi drama The Nevers.

Stuart Bowman plays Ger Cafferty

Cafferty standing on an industrial estate, looking at the camera
Stuart Bowman plays Ger Cafferty. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Ger Cafferty? An Edinburgh gangster who has a "violent encounter" with Rebus at the beginning of the show, which is set one year earlier.

Speaking about the dynamic between the two men, Bowman said: "From the outset we see the complexity of their relationship and their love for one another and their hatred for one another. There's a morality that they're questioning throughout everything that they do.

"In many ways, I think Cafferty is clearer about his morality than Rebus is and is more comfortable with the choices he's made."

Where have I seen Stuart Bowman before? His credits include historical drama Versailles, BBC comedy-drama Guilt, Jed Mercurio's Bodyguard and Scottish sitcom Gary Tank Commander.

Brian Ferguson plays Michael Rebus

Michael standing in his kitchen
Brian Ferguson plays Michael Rebus. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Michael Rebus? Rebus's brother. The pair have a strained relationship. Michael was a soldier for 22 years, but has since turned to crime to deal with his mounting bills.

On the relationship between the duo, Ferguson said: "They have quite an antagonistic relationship. I think this is very familiar, particularly among working-class men. The only way that brothers know how to express their love for each other is through aggression. We sense that there's a real love there, but they have no idea how to communicate that to each other really."

Where have I seen Brian Ferguson before? He's had roles in the ITV reboot of The Ipcress File and historical drama The Spanish Princess.

Neshla Caplan plays Chrissie Rebus

Chrissie standing outside her flat
Neshla Caplan plays Chrissie Rebus. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Chrissie Rebus? Michael's wife. They have two teenage sons, Michael Rebus Junior (Aidan Connell) and Liam (Cailean Galloway). When Michael leaves the army, he sets up a business with Chrissie, but the pandemic then hits, followed by the cost of living crisis, and eventually the business fails, leaving them broke.

Where have I seen Neshla Caplan before? She's had roles in Prime Video's The Rig and Scottish mockumentary series Scot Squad.

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Thoren Ferguson plays Malcolm Fox

Malcom Fox standing in a stairwell, looking directly into the camera
Thoren Ferguson plays Malcolm Fox. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Malcolm Fox? He works for Professional Standards. Malcolm's got his eye firmly on Rebus.

What else has Thoren Ferguson been in? You might know him from Emmerdale.

Nick Rhys plays Lockie Moncrieffe

Lockie and Rhona walking together with their arms wrapped around one another
Nick Rhys plays Lockie Moncrieffe. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Lockie Moncrieffe? Rhona's new husband. He's a fund manager and extremely wealthy. In the past, Lockie and Rebus have clashed, and while their antagonism appears to have eased, there's still palpable dislike there.

What else has Nick Rhys been in? He's best known for Hollyoaks and Irish soap River City.

Andrew John Tait plays Neil Mackenzie

Neil Mackenzie standing in an industrial estate, facing the camera
Andrew John Tait plays Neil Mackenzie. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Neil Mackenzie? A friend of Michael's from his army days who helps him out with his criminal scheme.

What else has Andrew John Tait been in? His CV includes Scot Squad and Outlander.

Cassidy Little plays Gary 'Cammy' Campbell

Cammy standing with his back against a wall, looking directly at the camera
Cassidy Little plays Gary 'Cammy' Campbell. Eleventh Hour Films/Mark Mainz

Who is Gary "Cammy" Campbell? He also served in the army and is all too happy to help Michael with his new criminal enterprise.

What else has Cassidy Little been in? You might have watched him in Coronation Street.

Gilly Gilchrist plays Jimmy McJagger

Gilly Gilchrist in a black suit and kilt
Gilly Gilchrist. Rich Fury/Getty Images for Netflix

Who is Jimmy McJagger? An inmate who's heading back to prison from weekend leave when he's attacked in the middle of Edinburgh.

What else has Gilly Gilchrist been in? Drama fans will most likely know him from Outlander, in which he plays Geordie Chisholm. He has also appeared on the big screen in Gladiator and Mercy Falls.

Caroline Lee-Johnson plays Gill Templer

Caroline Lee-Johnson in Rebus in a black jacket and grey top
Caroline Lee-Johnson in Rebus. Eleventh Hour Films, Mark Mainz

Who is Gill Templer? Rebus's no-nonsense boss.

What else has Caroline Lee-Johnson been in? Lee-Johnson has appeared in dramas including Roadkill and Gangs of London.
Additional cast includes:

  • Sean Buchanan (Mary Queen of Scots) as George Blantyre - Rebus's close friend and former mentor who was paralysed after a road traffic incident with Cafferty.
  • Michelle Duncan (Dalgliesh) as Maggie Blantyre - George's long-suffering wife.
  • Noof Ousellam (Vera) as Darryl Christie - an Edinburgh gangster. His dad used to work for Cafferty.
  • Terence Rae (Black Dog) as Andy Rolland - a homeless man who used to serve in the army. Michael enlists him in his scheme.
  • Aston McAuley (Behind her Eyes) as Shaun Strang - a drug dealer who works for Darryl Christie.
  • Séamus McLean Ross (Payback) as Jack and Craig Mclean (Project Z) as Kai - two drug dealers who work under Shaun.
  • Patrick O'Brien (Peaky Blinders) as Davey Mathieson and Ryan Hayes (Carnival Row) as Alan Fowler - two Northern Irish gangsters who are connected to the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), an Ulster loyalist paramilitary group
  • Ami Okumura Jones (EastEnders) as Kirsten - Siobhan's housemate.
  • Melissa Collier (Best Interests) as Andrea Thomson - Rebus's therapist.

Rebus is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.


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