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Poldark and the TV shows that make us want to go on holiday

From Poldark and Game of Thrones to Sherlock and Outlander, these shows make us want to buy cheap travel insurance and stock up on suncream

Published: Monday, 16th March 2015 at 2:27 pm

We often take a turn in front of the telly for a spot of escapism. Some high-octane thrills, fast-paced medical emergencies or a few relationship dramas that aren't our own.


But some shows just tick that escapism box better than others. You know, the ones where you suddenly find yourself trawling holiday websites or fantasising about rubbing suncream into your other half's back (just me?) instead of watching what's actually going on...

It's not that the drama isn't gripping, it's just that the setting is really distracting.

From Poldark's insanely sunny Cornwall coastline to Fortitude's otherworldly attractions, these are the shows that make us want to pack our bags and fly away...


There's a lot of misery in BBC1's latest period drama offering – deadly duels, poverty and unrequited love for starters – but we spend the entire hour dreaming of being in Poldark's Cornwall. The sun is always shining and the sky is always blue and full of squawking seagulls. You can practically smell the salty coastal air.

Apparently, Aidan Turner was getting his pecs out and swimming naked in the sea last night but we were too busy drooling over Cornwall's coastline to care...

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Death in Paradise

It's a hotbed of crime with an unusually high murder rate, but we'd risk it for two weeks all-inclusive in Death in Paradise's Caribbean. The hit BBC1 drama is filmed on the idyllic island of Gualdeloupe (Saint Marie and its crime statistics are fictional, thankfully), with its clear blue seas, endless cloud-free skies and countless opportunities to top up our dwindling Vitamin D levels. How DI Humphery Goodman and his chums get any crimes solved is beyond us...

Game of Thrones

Finding your EHIC isn't the first thing you think of when you think Game of Thrones. But gratuitous nudity, extreme violence and political power plays aside, those filming locations are really something. The Wall doesn't exactly scream relaxing break, but King's Landing is another matter. Filmed in Croatia, around Dubrovnik and the surrounding area, it shows the Pearl of the Adriatic off to its very best. See our full guide here.


We're not going to lie and say we wouldn't march around Dubrovnik shouting orders like fully-grown Joffreys but that's not the only reason the capital of Westeros tickles our fancy. The lush plants, dramatic cliffs and guaranteed sunshine wouldn't go amiss either.


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