Well, it's finally here. It's the days Outlander fans hoped would never come, when the first half of season 7 finished airing and the long wait for part 2 begins.

Of course, the moment is bittersweet, as fans did get to enjoy that shocking mid-season finale which saw Roger and cousin Buck go back through the stones to time travel back to the 1700s, in order to find Jemmy, who had been taken by Rob.

Meanwhile Jamie (Sam Heughan) was fighting in the Second Battle of Saratoga, with that storyline ending on a more positive note.

Executive producer Maril Davis recently spoke with RadioTimes.com about the criticisms some fans have levelled at this season, with some complaining that Heugan's Jamie and Caitríona Balfe's Claire haven't been as much of a prominent force this season.

Davis said: "I’m kind of surprised by that because-- we can’t always, but we try to follow the books as much as possible, and this really does follow the books.

"Jamie and Claire are always going to be our centre of the wheel, but there are quite a few characters to service and Diana [Gabaldon] has done a great job of doing that throughout this book series, and building characters you want to follow.

"So, it’s impossible to tell Jamie and Claire’s story without telling these other stories."

Of course, there are still eight episodes in the seventh season yet to release, but we are now certainly on the home stretch of the show's run - with an eighth and final season already confirmed.

This will be followed by a prequel show, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, which will tell the love story of Jamie's parents. Sam Heughan recently predicted that "the new show will be just as successful, if not more so".

So, when can we expect the next episode of Outlander season 7 after the midseason break? Read on for everything you need to know about the release schedule and when the next episode will be landing on our screens.

When is episode 9 of Outlander season 7 on Lionsgate+?

After its season 7 premiere on Friday 16th June 2023 at midnight ET, episodes of Outlander have been released weekly every Friday.

Episode 8 debuted on Friday, 11th August, but now the show has gone on its mid-season break after that shocking cliffhanger.

So when will season 7 episode 9 arrive? Well, we don't have an exact date yet, but it does seem that season 7 part 2 won't arrive until some time in 2024 - meaning that, unfortunately, fans have quite the wait on their hand to get answers to all of their questions.

The show airs on both Starz in the US and Lionsgate+ in the UK. Lionsgate+ is a 'channel' on Amazon Prime Video that will cost you an extra £5.99 per month on top of your Amazon Prime subscription (£7.99 per month).

For more details on how to watch Outlander, read more here.

Outlander season 7 release schedule

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander season 7, embracing each other
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe star in Outlander. Starz

The full release schedule for Outlander season 7 part 1 is below. Episode 8 was released on Friday 11th August, and the show is now taking a rather long mid-season hiatus, with the rest of season 7 being released some time in 2024.

The release date for the second load of episodes is yet to be confirmed, but here is the schedule for the first half of the season.

  • Episode 1: “A Life Well Lost” — Friday 16th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 2: “The Happiest Place on Earth” — Friday 23rd June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 3: “Death Be Not Proud” — Friday 30th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 4: “A Most Uncomfortable Woman” — Friday 7th July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 5: “Singapore” — Friday 14th July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 6: “Where the Waters Meet” — Friday 21st July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 7: “A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers” — Friday 28th July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 8: “Turning Points” — Friday 11th August 2023

How many episodes of Outlander season 7 are there?

This seventh season is set to be longer than others, with a whopping 16 episodes in total. As previously mentioned, though, we don't know yet when the second batch of eight episodes will be out.

We do know that the last eight episodes will be released some time in 2024.

Speaking about the future eighth and final season of Outlander, Kathryn Busby, president of original programming at Starz, said: "For nearly a decade, Outlander has won the hearts of audiences worldwide and we’re pleased to bring Claire and Jamie’s epic love story to a proper conclusion.

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"But before we close this chapter, there is plenty of their passionate story to tell over the course of 26 new episodes and even more to explore of this dynamic world and its origin story. We’re thrilled to continue to partner with [showrunner] Matthew Roberts, [and executive producers] Maril Davis and Ronald Moore and can’t wait to see where their alluring storytelling takes us next."

Outlander season 7 trailer

The drama was dialled up tenfold in season 7 part 1, as the trailer first gave us a glimpse of.

A trailer for the second half of the season isn't available yet, but we'll make sure to update this article once it is.

Outlander is available to stream on Starz in the US and on Lionsgate+ in the UK. You can buy Diana Gabaldon's books on Amazon.

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