Outlander producers tease significant departure from the books in upcoming season 3

The sci-fi romance is moving away from Diana Gabaldon's novels


Outlander – the time-travelling drama whose second season came to a dramatic end earlier this year – is doing a Game of Thrones and departing from its source material.


Speaking to EW, executive producer Ronald D. Moore said that season three would pick up directly after the events of season two. That means it will feature front and centre the historic Battle of Culloden, between the French-backed highlanders and the British army, rather than picking up after the conflicted as depicted in the novel Voyager.

“It just felt like for the TV show, we’ve been promising this for a while and it just felt like we should have something,” he said. “We should give the audience some sense of what happened on that moor.

“We’re playing it out more,” he adds, promising that the battle shot in Scotland was “easily one of our biggest set pieces.”

And that’s not the only change from the books. Fans of the novels by Diana Gabaldon will know book three starts with the battle-worn Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) having almost no memory of the 1746 battle. However, the first episode of season three will see (spoilers ahoy!) Fraser duelling his arch enemy Jonathan ‘Black Jack’ Randall (Tobias Menzies).


So how long will our wait for new episodes actually be? Outlander is due back in spring next year.