Our Girl fans are fuming about that off-screen break-up

The dissolution of Captain James' marriage to Molly Dawes - and a potential recoupling with Georgie - have been labelled a "betrayal" to OG fans

Ben Aldridge in Our Girl, BBC Pictures, SL

Our Girl returned after a sports-imposed hiatus on Tuesday night, but a twist in the story meant that fans still weren’t happy.


In the new episode, Captain Charles James (Ben Aldridge) revealed that he had broken up with the show’s original lead, Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner)– and some viewers have labelled it a “betrayal” to those who have stuck with the series since the beginning.

A scene in the episode showed the Captain explaining to Dawes’ successor Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) that he and his wife had “finished it” after a phone call – Molly is back at home, while he remains on tour.

Molly hasn’t been seen since season one – and viewers were holding on to some hope that she would return, but this latest development seems like the final nail in the coffin, with many fearing that the move is intended to pave the way for a relationship between Georgie and Captain James.

“So that’s it, Captain James and Molly have actually broken up just so the writers could put him with Georgie,” Twitter user @Ranaxnazir wrote, “which literally NOBODY wants.”

@heyits_hannahx added: “Molly was the one storyline I wanted to get pulled back into Our Girl! If Georgie ends up with him it will ruin it OMG.”

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At least they can hold out hope that all could still be resolved in the two-hour season three finale next week.


Our Girl season 3 concludes next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1

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