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Body of opinion divided between “tedious” and “brilliant” The Sister

ITV thriller The Sister is perplexing and irritating but also intriguing viewers.

The Sister

The mystery ramped up in the second episode of ITV thriller The Sister when Nathan (Russell Tovey) was hauled in by police and questioned about the disappearance of Elise from the New Year’s Eve party in 2009 – but then released.


Nathan and the creepy ghost botherer Bob (Bertie Carvel) are in the frame for Elise’s murder, if that is in fact what happened.

The time-shifting thriller moves between 2009, 2013 when Nathan meets Elise’s sister Holly (Amrita Acharia) – and later marries her – and the present day, when events threaten to catch up with Nathan and Bob.

The second episode was all about Nathan and Bob retrieving Elise’s body, which was tormenting Bob, especially as a housing development excavation in the forest would likely uncover her.

However, many in the audience were not feeling the tension at all.

Nathan seems to have every reason to be nervous, but how could Holly not notice how permanently shifty he was?

Nathan had done suspiciously well for himself considering he was contemplated ending his life over his guilt in 2013.

“Given 7 years ago he was trying to kill himself he’s certainly turned it around to get that giant house…. #TheSister”.

The thriller series was perplexing viewers but not necessarily in a good way. “Can’t tell if I like this show or not #TheSister,” wrote one.

Some in the audience were confused about why Bob insisted they killed her when the police revealed Nathan had an alibi. “What am I missing? The cops told him she was still alive after he got home so why is the creepy guy still telling him he murdered her? #TheSister”.

The cliffhanger, when detective Jackie (Nina Toussaint White), realised Nathan and Bob knew each other was another odd plot development according to some on social media.

Another viewer was giving up: “I’ve had enough now. Too slow. Too whispery. Flipping backwards and forward. Too much like hard work. I’m off to watch something else. #TheSister”.

But there were many viewers who were sticking with The Sister.

Not the only one by any means. Another viewer thought it was “brilliant” with Russell Tovey the “best in the business” at this type of performance.

The Sister continues on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday 28th October.


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