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When is series three of Channel 4's No Offence on TV?

DI Viv Deering and her team from Friday Street police station will be back this autumn

Published: Tuesday, 25th September 2018 at 1:20 pm

D.I. Viv Deering and her team from Friday Street station are set to return to our screens for a third season of No Offence, Channel 4's Bafta-nominated police drama.


The show's combination of dark humour and grit – not to mention the quartet of strong, engaging female leads – has won over critics and audiences alike. Here's everything you need to know about the third series:

When is No Offence back on TV?

The six-part drama will begin on Thursday 13th September at 9pm on Channel 4, with new episodes every Thursday.

As part of a newly-announced deal with Sky, the entire series three box set will also be available as a box-set via Sky's on-demand platforms from Thursday 13th September.

What's going to happen in series 3 of No Offence?

Paul Abbott says: “Series 3 is about the void left by political parties, clusters of ignorance streamlined in to soldier ants. Whether it’s a real or perceived void doesn’t matter. Predators will always exploit a weakness. Viv Deering really earns her wages in making her voice heard to diverse cultural factions.”

Unconventional boss – and likely nudist – D.I. Viv Deering (Joanna Scanlan) will return alongside her Friday Street team, as the third series begins with the attempted assassination of a local politician by a new Far Right group. The attack has "devastating consequences" for the team, according to Channel 4.

"There's no time for tears, though, as not only is the maniac still on the loose but the politicos are turning the situation to their advantage.

"Viv and Friday Street find themselves pawns in a political chess match, which is the last thing they need as incidents of hate crime soar in the city."

The cast of No Offence series 3

Paul Abbott, the show's creator and writer, compared the show to "chucking wicked humour at grim reality".

“It’s a privilege to dive back into the very British chaos of Inspector Viv Deering and her No Offence police family," he said. "I think we’ve struck a great deal with our audience. They expect nothing but the tilted best and we’re truly honoured to serve.

"Chucking wicked humour at grim reality is a great cocktail for digesting the real world and pretending to make sense of it. Sleeves up! We’re off again," he added.

Who is in the cast?

Our favourites are all back, including Joanna Scanlan as Viv, Elaine Cassidy as Dinah, and Alexandra Roach as Joy. Will Mellor returns as Spike, Paul Ritter is Miller, Ste Johnston is Jonah, Tom Varey is Stuart and Saira Choudhry is Tegan.

But there are also some newcomers. Sharp new Superintendent Marilyn Merchant will be played by Claire Rushbrook, while Neil Maskell plays the leader of the extreme Far Right group Albion, Dennis Caddy. Sharon Rooney plays his sister Faye, while his outspoken girlfriend Bonnie is played by Tamara Lawrence.

Sharon Rooney plays Faye Caddy in No Offence

Then there's Lisa McGrillis as grassroots mayoral candidate Caroline McCoy, and Ace Bhatti as Mayor Kashif Hassan. Darren Connolly also joins the cast as Far Right fanatic Ralph Beckett.


Is there a trailer for No Offence series 3?

Channel 4 released a brief teaser video for the new series on 31st August, with Joanna Scanlan going all Bodyguard after a gunman attempts to target a location politician. Check it out below.

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