Narcos star Wagner Moura says playing Pablo Escobar made him see the drug lord’s humanity

"Escobar was a human being. And he was a very interesting one"


Wagner Moura has made quite the connection with his character, the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, in the second season of the Netflix drama Narcos.



However, although a third and fourth season have been confirmed by the streaming service, Moura won’t be returning, after the life of Pablo Escobar came to an end at the end of the current run.

The second season finale of the Netflix cartel drama, which dramatised Escobar’s bloody game of cat and mouse with the DEA, finally brought the death of Moura’s character.

Moura, for one, is in mourning. “I’m 100 percent convinced that Pablo Escobar was a human being. And he was a very interesting one.

“For sure, he was a very, very, very mean and awful human being in many senses, but he wasn’t an alien. He was a person,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “ He had friends, people laughed at his jokes. And he was a very contradictory person as well.

“He was this guy that — aside from reasons that made him who he is, because they are very complex as well — did all these things for Medellin, for poor people in his hometown. He was a very loving father.”


The real Pablo Escobar

When Moura, who is Portuguese, was cast for the role in 2013, he began to learn Spanish, upped sticks to Medellin and completely immersed himself in Escobar’s character.

He then brought his family to live with him in Colombia for six months while shooting season two and gained 40 pounds for Escobar’s final days.

On finally letting go of the villain, he jokes: “Yes. I feel relieved. I feel that I’m free.

“I can’t work as an actor for the next year. I’m not going to act, I’m going to direct, because anything that I would do as an actor would have the influence of Pablo. I need some time to really get rid of the whole thing, it’s great to move on. But I look at these past two years and I look at the series with a lot of love and pride. I’m really happy and proud of what we did.”

Speaking of what happens next, Narcos’ creators have previously told Variety: “We’ll stop when the drug trade stops.”


Series two is currently available on Netflix