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Naomi Watts on why stars are deserting the big screen for TV and Netflix

The Gypsy actress says it’s “definitely a strong movement”

Published: Saturday, 29th July 2017 at 8:00 am

It was recently revealed that streaming site Netflix has topped over 100 million users worldwide, a remarkable feat that reflects the changing TV habits of vast swathes of the population.


And it’s not just the viewers making the jump – over the last few years more and more big-name movie stars have been drawn to Netflix or one of its competitors, with King Kong and Mulholland Drive star Naomi Watts only the latest for her leading role in therapist drama Gypsy.

“Well, it wasn’t like I was actively looking for a TV job, but it made a lot of sense to me,” Watts told in an exclusive video interview (below). “I’d seen it work well for many friends and people around me.

“It’s definitely a strong movement, and we’re witnessing a change. Certainly for women right now, it’s a fantastic place for storytelling. Particularly this kind of character – it’s just hard to find someone that’s both good and bad. An anti-heroine. And it’s usually these kind of stories with a male lead.”

“And it’s fun to play a woman who’s full of contradictions and flaws,” Watts said of her character Jean, a therapist who creates false identities to voyeuristically get involved with her patients’ lives. “She’s not just good or bad, she’s both.

“I think people want to leave their houses less and less these days,” she added, “and they want to do things on their own time schedule.”

“It would be a shame to think the film industry’s kaput – I don’t think it will ever be, I think the experience of going to see a film is still fantastic and people wanna do it – but I’m glad there’s this sort of drama available on TV as well.”


Gypsy is available to stream on Netflix now


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