Eleven whole years. That’s how long it’s been since superhero comedy caper Misfits first took E4 quite literally by storm ­– and over a decade since the series picked up a BAFTA for best drama. Fortunately, however, Netflix has gifted viewers the power of time travel, with all five series now available to binge on the service.


Packed with laughs, surprising twists and poignant moments of drama, Misfits' success can be largely explained by its central premise: it followed a group of young offenders serving community service as a strange electrical storm gifts them all special abilities. Cue the carnage as the rabble of law-breakers wrestle with powers from telepathy to time-jumping.

However, another huge part of the show’s acclaim was also down to its acting talent. The show was a playground for young actors, performers who would soon score roles in major big-budget shows and film.

Don’t believe us? Then you better read on to find out exactly what happened to the Misfit cast after the E4 show ended.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (who played Curtis Donovan)


A character in the first four series of Misfits, Curtis wielded a trio of powers throughout his community service. First he possessed the power of time travel. Then the ability to change biological sex instantly. And finally, the power to resurrect the dead. Well, the power to turn the dead into flesh-eating zombies, anyway.

Where is Nathan Stewart-Jarrett now?

Now 34 years old, Stewart-Jarrett has starred in several high-profile TV shows. After leaving Misfits in 2012, the actor went on to star in applauded C4 series Utopia, as well as ITV crime thriller Prey. More recently, you may have spotted him in The Trial of Christine Keeler (as Keeler’s partner Johnny Edgecombe) and 2020’s Dracula.

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Iwan Rheon (who played Simon Bellamy)


Throughout the first three series, Rheon appeared as Barry Simon Bellamy, an introverted social outcast who gains the power of invisibility.

Where is Iwan Rheon now?

In case you need confirming: yes, it was Iwan Rheon who played the villainous Ramsay Bolton in Game Thrones, one of the most hated characters in TV history.

Since leaving Misfits, the Welsh actor has also gone on to star in Marvel’s Inhumans, Sky Atlantic’s Riveria and 2019 Mötley Crüe film The Dirt.

Interestingly, Rheon has also shown off his musical talents post-Misfits, releasing indie country album Dinard. Objectively, it’s brilliant. Go and listen. Now.

Antonia Thomas (who played Alisha Daniels)


Of all the young offenders in Misfits, Alisha Daniels had the strangest power: Thomas’ character had the ability to send anyone who touched her skin to go into a forced sexual frenzy.

Where is Antonia Thomas now?

After leaving Misfits after two series, Thomas has seen her career go from strength to strength. As well as starring in musical movie Sunshine on Leith, the actress has since starred in US medical drama The Good Doctor as a series regular. UK viewers will also know her from Netflix’s Lovesick (formerly titled Scrotal Recall). From 2015 to 2018, Thomas also served as the narrator on Cbeebies’ Teletubbies.

Robert Sheehan (who played Nathan Young)


In Misfits, Sheenan took the role of fan favourite Nathan Young, becoming the show’s first breakout star. As well as being nominated for a BAFTA for his part, Sheenan was applauded almost universally by critics of the time.

Where is Robert Sheehan now?

In the Umbrella Academy. At least, that’s where Netflix subscribers will know him from: Sheenan has played Klaus Hargreeves on the show since 2019.

Since leaving Misfits, the actor has also appeared in TV drama Fortitude and films Mortal Engines and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

He’s also starred in RTE series Love/Hate, a role which has earned him two Irish BAFTA nominations.

Joseph Gilgun (who played Rudy Wade)


Joining Misfits in series three, Rudy Wade essentially served as a replacement for Robert Sheehan’s Nathan. And despite having mammoth shoes to fill, Gilgun’s characters won over audiences and critics alike with his foul-mouthed humour – and ability to split into multiple personalities.

Where is Joseph Gilgun now?

Having previously appeared in the original film version of This Is England (later reprising his character in the TV spin-off), Gilgun enjoyed several high-profile roles after Misfits. These included parts in Ripper Street, Bryan Cranston movie The Infiltrator and comic-book series Preacher. Gilgun is also currently starring in Sky comedy series Brassic, which he also co-created.

Karla Crome (who played Jess)


Crome’s character Jess joined the show in series three – armed with sharp wit and X-ray vision powers.

Where is Karla Crome now?

Like many of the Misfits alumni, Crome has gone on to star in several big-budget projects including Amazon’s Carnival Row and Stephen King’s Under The Dome. You might have also seen her in 2016 ITV crime series The Level.

Craig Parkinson (who played Shaun)

Craig Parkinson

From series two, Parkinson played Shaun, the group’s third (ill-fated) probation worker.

Where is Craig Parkinson now?

Sure, Parkinson wasn’t exactly a completely unknown when joining Misfits in 2010, having previously starring in the likes of Whitechapel. However, after appearing on the E4 show, his career skyrocketed. Not only did Parkinson star in Line of Duty (as Matthew 'Dot' Cottan), but the actor has also been seen in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Indian Summers and The English Game.

Parkinson is also a prolific podcaster, hosting the Two Shot Podcast, in which he interviews an acting star (or sometimes guests from a different walk of life) each episode.

Lauren Socha (who played Kelly Bailey)


Socha played Kelly Bailey in Misfits, a lovable loud-mouth with the ability to reads minds. Her character wasn’t only well received by critics and viewers, but the British Academy of Film and Television Arts too: Socha picked up their Best Actress award in 2011.

In 2012, Socha pleaded guilty to the charge of racially aggravated assault and was handed a suspended jail sentence. She did not return to Misfits after her court case. In a statement of the time, Channel 4 said Socha’s conviction was unrelated to her departure.

Where is Kelly Bailey now?

Socha has enjoyed roles in Plebs and Channel 4 comedy series Catastrophe. She was also recently seen in BBC One series The Other One.


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