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Meet the cast of Grantchester

James Norton's crime fighting priest Sidney returns for a second series - but who has he brought with him?

Published: Tuesday, 9th May 2017 at 9:00 am

Find out more about the cast and characters of Grantchester season two here.




Priest by day, crime-solving cleric by night, Sidney’s a former Scots Guards officer on a mission – and it’s not just religious.

From Happy Valley psycho killer Tommy Lee Royce to War & Peace’s Prince Andrei, we’ve seen a LOT of James on our TV screens of late. You might have spotted him playing Lord Chatterly in Lady Chatterly’s Lover last year too.



Policeman and family man, Geordie’s an overworked Detective Inspector whose methods of fighting crime are a little rough around the edges.

Soldier Soldier star Robson, aka the Robson of Robson and Jerome, is probably best known for being one half of another famous duo ­but he’s popped up in many a TV series over the years. His CV boasts roles in Wire in The Blood, Waterloo Road, Mount Pleasant and Strike Back.



Finch is a rather timid and naive former teacher who studied theology before joining the church.

Al Weaver is due to star in The Hollow Crown later this year but you might have already spotted him in Sherlock, Secret State, Life in Squares (alongside James Norton), Channel 4 drama Southcliffe, or on the big screen with Nicholas Hoult in 2015’s Kill Your Friends.

MRS MAGUIRE (Tessa Peake-Jones)


Sidney’s staunchly religious housekeeper treats the priest as though he was her own son.

You’ll know her face well – it’s Only Fools and Horses’ one and only Raquel. Actress Tessa Peake-Jones isn’t just Del Boy’s lady love though, oh no. She’s also appeared in Casualty, The Demon Headmaser, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Marchlands and Doctor Who, to name but a few.

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CATHY KEATING (Kacey Ainsworth)


Geordie’s wife and the mother of his children almost lost one of her beloved babies last series, but she’s back to fight another day.

Geordie Keating’s missus would probably look more familiar with an iron in her hand and a husband on the floor, because she’s best remembered by many as EastEnders’ Little Mo – the Slater sister who whacked abusive husband Trevor across the head with the household item. She’s also had roles in numerous other TV series, including Rock & Chips, MI High, Casualty and Midsomer Murders.

HARDING REDMOND (Neil Morrissey)


Local man Harding Redmond has a bone to pick with Sidney, and he’s making no bones about it.

From Men Behaving Badly to Bob The Builder, Neil Morrissey’s known for playing memorable characters. He’s also had starring turns in Waterloo Road and Line of Duty, and popped up in Skins as Cassie’s dad, Marcus Ainsworth.

DC PHIL YOUNG (Lorne MacFadyen)


The young policeman may be new to the force but he pulls no punches when it comes to solving crime.

You may have clocked Lorne in BBC's Shetland before now, but chances are you might not have noticed him in anything else on TV. He landed his Grantchester role just two weeks after leaving drama school.

MARGARET WARD (Seline Hizli)


New police secretary Margaret takes no nonsense from the boys and catches Sidney’s eye in the process.

Land Girls star Seline (she played Connie Carter) appeared in Luther back in 2015 but one of her earliest TV roles saw her playing second eldest daughter Mae to Dominic West’s Fred West in drama Appropriate Adult.

AMANDA KENDALL (Morven Christie)


Sidney’s long time friend turned one that got away is back to torment her lovesick pal.

Lost In Austen's Jane Bennet appeared in Doctor Who’s Under The Lake in the most recent series of the sci-fi drama. The actress has also played both Hero and Juliet for the Royal Shakespeare Company and was 2012's Head of Legacy, Fi Healy. She'll next be seen alongside Christopher Eccleston in new BBC drama The A Word.



Sidney’s priest pal is sent to watch over him by the Archdeacon when scandal threatens to rock him to the core.

From The Secret Garden’s Dickon to Gavin & Stacey’s Dirtbox, Andrew Knott has grown up on screen. He played Henry Green on Where The Heart Is from 1997 to 2001, appeared in The History Boys as Lockwood, and popped up in Casualty in various roles. Most recently you might have spotted him alongside Sheridan Smith in Black Work (pictured above), or Maggie Smith in The Lady in the Van. Oh, and he played DS Stafford in the most recent series of Prey.

GARY BELL (Sam Frenchum)


Troubled teenager Gary is awaiting trial for murder, having helped the girl he was hopelessly in love with to abort her illegitimate child – and killing her in the process...

Frenchum is a relative newcomer to TV, with just a role in Doctors to his name. However he's used to treading the boards, and even starred in a little film called Private Peaceful.

PHYLLIS BELL (Helen Clyro)


Gary's mother Phyllis is feeling the pressure from the local community as her son awaits trial.

Much like Frenchum, Clyro is a relative newcomer too, with roles in Doctors and the rebooted Fast Show under her belt.

GUY HOPKINS (Tom Austen)


Sidney's rival for Amanda's affections is back, and he's not too happy about the man of God palling around with his wife.

Austen stars in E! drama The Royals as the dastardly bodyguard, Jasper, and also recently popped up in ITV drama Unforgotten. More devoted fans will recognise him from episodes of Misfits, Jo and Beaver Falls. And he's soon to be seen in Bitter Harvest alongside Samantha Barks (Les Miserables), Max Irons (The White Queen) and Aneurin Barnard (War & Peace, Thirteen).

VIVIAN (Liz White)


Landlady Vivian cares for the men of her husband’s boarding house, but is she as innocent as Sidney thinks?


White is probably best known for playing Annie Catwright in Life on Mars, but you might also have spotted her in Teachers, Doctor Who, Our Zoo and as the titular Woman in Black in the 2012 film.


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