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Meet the cast of Bancroft

Sarah Parish and Faye Marsay head up the ITV crime drama

Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Published: Friday, 14th September 2018 at 3:22 pm

Sarah Parish series Bancroft follows a brilliant yet troubled copper who becomes transfixed by an old case (so, basically every crime drama ever). Bancroft co-stars Faye Marsay and Linus Roache - read more about the cast below...


Elizabeth Bancroft (played by Sarah Parish)

Sarah Parish in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Sarah Parish in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Detective Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft is an exceptionally good police officer – ambitious, focused and respected by her colleagues, she doesn't mind bending the rules a little to solve a case. She is devoted to her son, Joe, but when Elizabeth's new colleague Katherine reopens an old case into Laura Fraser, the details come back to haunt her. And the investigation brings Tim Fraser – a man she was once devoted to – back into her life.

Who is Sarah Parish?

Sarah Parish is one of the best known actresses on British television. She played Dawn Rudge in Peak Practise, Allie Henshall in Cutting It, Annie Naylor in Trust and Natalie Holden in Blackpool and more recently has appeared in Monroe, Atlantis and Doctor Who. She played a lead role in BBC drama Mistresses and BBC boss Anna Rampton in all three series of W1A. Earlier this year she appeared in the final run of ITV crime drama Broadchurch.

Katherine Stevens (played by Faye Marsay)

Faye Marsay in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Faye Marsay in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Sparky young police officer Katherine is on the fast-track programme and until now has been frustrated by being confined to a desk. So when Superintendent Clifford Walker offers her cold cases, she jumps at the chance to prove herself with the investigation into Laura Fraser's death – and her work leads her to forge a close bond with Elizabeth Bancroft. Katherine is having an ill-advised affair with married colleague Andy Bevan – but when Elizabeth's son Joe comes into her life he feels like the sort of guy she should go for.

Who is Faye Marsay?

As soon as Faye Marsay graduated from drama school, she won the role of Anne Neville in BBC period drama The White Queen. Her big break led to a string of roles, including The Bletchley Circle, Fresh Meat, Glue and Doctor Who Christmas special Last Christmas. She reached an international audience playing the Waif in Game of Thrones and has also appeared in My Mad Fat Diary, Black Mirror and Love, Nina. She will be seen on screens in the new year as Katya Godman in McMafia.

Tim Fraser (played by Linus Roache)

Linus Roache in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Linus Roache in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Tim was at university with Elizabeth and now works as a highly-respected barrister. When his wife Laura was murdered, he embarked on a brief but passionate affair with Elizabeth before his rebound marriage to Freya. Their relationship is troubled although Tim loves his teenage daughter Amber dearly. But it remains to be seen what will become of his family life once he and Elizabeth reconnect in the wake of Laura's reopened case.

Who is Linus Roache?

Linus Roache is known for playing Michael Cutter in American dramas Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He played Robert F. Kennedy in RFK, earning a Golden Globe nomination, and has also appeared in TV series Vikings. On the silver screen, he has shown up in 1994's Priest, The Wings of the Dove, opposite Helena Bonham Carter, and Batman Begins where he played Dr Thomas Wayne, father of Batman. His father is Coronation Street actor William Roache.

Laura Fraser (played by Lily Sacofsky)

Tim's wife Laura was in her early 20s and in the early stages of pregnancy when she died. Uneducated but savvy and ambitious, she and Tim had a runaway romance and couldn't get enough of one another. But there was a different side to bubbly, popular Laura – she was not the angel everyone thought she was...

Who is Lily Sacofsky?

A recent drama school graduate, Lily has appeared in Three Days in the Country at the National Theatre and The Mighty Waltzer at The Royal Exchange. Bancroft is her television debut.

Joe Bancroft (played by Adam Long)

Adam Long in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Adam Long in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Joe is Elizabeth's only son and has always believed his father is Brian – a police officer and his mother's ex. Working as a physiotherapist, 27-year-old Joe still lives under his mother's roof and often bears the brunt of her over-protectiveness. But when he meets ambitious young officer Katherine, Joe falls for her – does she feel the same way?

Who is Adam Long?

Adam Long starred in Happy Valley, playing Lewis Whippey who worked with Tommy Lee Royce to kidnap Anne Gallagher. He has also appeared in Vera, Waterloo Road and BAFTA-winning BBC3 drama Don't Take My Baby.

Alan Taheeri (played by Art Malik)

Art Malik in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Art Malik in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Retiring Detective Chief Superintendent Alan Taheeri is driven by results. The public face of the local police, he has worked his way up with sheer grit and determination but feels like the force needs new blood. He sees Elizabeth as his natural successor but also invites Clifford Walker to interview for his job.

Who is Art Malik?

As a young actor, Art Malik played Hari Kumar in The Jewel in the Crown and Ali in A Passage to India – roles which established his early career. He has since starred in TV series Hothouse, Stolen, Unfinished Business and Life Support. He played Zubin Khan in Holby City between 2003 and 2005 and recently joined the cast of Cold Feet as Eddie Zubayr.

Clifford Walker (played by Adrian Edmondson)

Adrian Edmondson in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Adrian Edmondson in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Superintendent Clifford Walker works – and shares a healthy rivalry – with Elizabeth Bancroft but spends most of his time behind a desk. The cold case initiative offers a chance to improve his stats – and with it an opportunity to succeed Taheeri – and Walker is convinced by young Katherine's talent and ambition.

Who is Adrian Edmondson?

Adrian Edmondson is perhaps best known for his comedy roles in The Young Ones and Bottom which he wrote with the late Rik Mayall – his long-time collaborative partner. Edmondson also appeared in The Comic Strip Presents films and created spoof heavy metal band Bad News, before more recently forming folk group The Bad Shepherds. He has played roles in Jonathan Creek, Holby City and War & Peace and won Celebrity MasterChef in 2013. He is married to fellow comedian Jennifer Saunders.

Andy Bevan (played by Charles Babalola)

Charles Babalola in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Charles Babalola in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Detective Sergeant Andy Bevan is ambitious, competitive and one to watch – but he's prone to sulking when he makes a mistake. Andy is married but also something of a ladies' man and is conducting an affair with Katherine, although when it comes to work he sees her as professional competition and is keen to keep her off his team.

Who is Charles Babalola?

Since graduating from drama school, Charles Babalola has appeared in films Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, State Zero, The Legend of Tarzan and TV series Thirteen, Black Mirror and Broadchurch. In the new year he will be seen on the silver screen in Mary Magdalene.

Len Dorman (played by Steve Evets)

Len is the widowed father of Laura Fraser and has very little left in his life until Katherine reopens her case and gives him hope of finally getting closure on his daughter's brutal death.

Who is Steve Evets?

Steve Evets has been acting for a number of years and joined band The Fall between 2000 and 2002. He found fame in film Looking for Eric in 2009 and between 2010 and 2014 he played scene-stealing homeless drug addict Colin in TV series Rev. He has since appeared on television in In the Flesh, Death in Paradise, The Musketeers and Moving On.

Athif Kamara (played by Amit Dhut)

The elder of the two Kamara brothers, Athif is a ruthless gang leader – unkind and misogynist. He terrorised his sibling Daanish and other members of the community growing up and nowadays heads up a dangerous operation engaged in violent and drug-related crimes. But Athif is getting bored and is looking to expand his horizons into the illegal arms trade, with a view to sell guns to the highest bidder.

Who is Amit Dhut?

Amit Dhut has had small roles on television in EastEnders and Doctors and in films Finding Fatimah and Welcome to London. He also appeared in the National Theatre's production of King Lear, directed by Sam Mendes.

Daanish Kamara (played by Ryan McKen)

Ryan McKen in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Ryan McKen in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Daanish is the younger brother of Athif and is the brains where his sibling is the brawn. Married to Zaheera with a son, Rahid, Daanish grew up in fear of his mother and brother. But when Elizabeth offers him the chance to give up Athif in return for police protection – and the opportunity to succeed him as the new Kamara gang leader – Daanish is more than tempted.

Who is Ryan McKen?

Ryan McKen has had a busy year, appearing on screens in Channel 4 series The State as well as Bancroft. He's also shown up in Doctors and NW and will be seen next year in Suranne Jones' Sky Atlantic series Save Me.

Zaheera Kamara (played by Anjil Mohindra)

Zaheera is Daanish's wife and the pair share an equal marriage. She is devoted to Rahid but worried about Athif's negative influence on her son and encourages Daanish to give up his brother in return for his freedom.

Who is Anjil Mohindra?

Anjil Mohindra played Rani Chandra in CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures and has since had roles in The Missing, Cucumber, Cuffs and Paranoid.

Anya Karim (played by Amara Karan)

Amara Karan in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Amara Karan in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Anya Karim is a forensic scientist who grew up locally and among the criminal Kamara gang. She was friends with Zaheera and once dated Athif but when he encouraged her not to go to university, she defied him – even if it meant sacrificing her family who now want nothing more to do with her. At work with the police, she keeps her Kamara associations to herself and has forged an effective relationship with Katherine as the two work together to solve a cold case.

Who is Amara Karan?

Amara Karan made her film debut in 2007's The Darjeeling Limited and followed it up playing Peaches in St Trinian's. On TV she's been seen in Doctor Who, Kidnap and Ransom, Ambassadors, Stan Lee's Lucky Man and most recently played Chandra Kapoor in US smash hit The Night Of.

Charlie Haverstock (played by Kenneth Cranham)

Kenneth Cranham in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Kenneth Cranham in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Long-retired DI Charlie Haverstock knows he didn't work Laura Fraser's case as hard as he should have done because he clashed with the victim's father, Len Dorman. Now terminally ill, his conscience gets the better of him when the investigation is re-opened by Katherine.

Who is Kenneth Cranham?

Scottish-born actor Kenneth Cranham is perhaps best known for his work in Hellbound: Helraiser II and Valkyrie but he has also appeared in films Layer Cake, Gangster No. 1, Rome, Oliver! and more recently Maleficent and Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool. On stage, he won an Olivier Award for Best Actor for his role as Andre in Florian Zeller's The Father. He also stars in Hatton Garden – the ITV series that was due to air in place of Bancroft.

George Morris (played by Lee Boardman)

Lee Boardman in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL
Lee Boardman in Bancroft, ITV Pictures, SL

Detective Inspector George Morris is an experienced police officer and has risen through the ranks due to his reliability and competence. But underneath his professional demeanour, George is empathetic and kind.

Who is Lee Boardman?


Lee Boardman played drug dealer Jez Quigley in Coronation Street and Murray Priestman in Drop Dead Gorgeous. He has also been seen as recurring characters in Rome and Da Vinci's Demons and appeared in a 2011 episode of Death in Paradise.


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