Meet Sprout Boy – the Christmas character loved by Sherlock, Doctor Who and Luther

BBC1's Christmas coverage will centre on a green vegetable that feels unloved - except by all the major talent on the channel...

Meet Sprout Boy – the new BBC star loved by all the major BBC1 talent ranging from the stars of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off and The Voice.


The flagship BBC1 advert this Yuletide will tell the story of the soon-to-be-fabled Sprout Boy, who sets out on a journey to find friendship at Christmas.

Sprout Boy is turned away from everyone he meets as no one likes sprouts.Just as he feels all is lost, Sprout Boy stumbles upon a gathering of BBC1 stars and characters who welcome him and invite him to join their Christmas lunch and celebrations in a new animated BBC advert.

He meets Doctor Who, Sherlock, Watson, Dot Cotton, Luther, Tess Daly, Claudia Winkleman,, Mary Berry and Graham Norton.

“The campaign shines a light on BBC1 bringing the nation together in their millions through its line up of Christmas schedule programming, characters and talent,” says the BBC.

Voiced by Peter Capaldi, the campaign is a 3D animation that will be unveiled on BBC1 today on the One Show at 7.30pm. It will probably warm even the coldest of hearts – and sprouts – this festive season.

The sprout also features in the Sky Movies 2015 Christmas campaign.

The advert follows a charismatic and mischievous eight year old girl, Rosie, played by Clydee Scrimshaw and her Christmas Day lunch dilemma.

With her family gathered around the dinner table, Rosie is looking at her plate in disgust as a pile of sprouts sit there untouched. It becomes clear that she must clear her plate before she can watch Sky Movies with her family.


Rosie jumps from her chair and escapes under the table where she discovers a whole other world. Viewers accompany Rosie on a magical quest as she realises she can get rid of her leftover sprouts, from dashing through Cinderella’s lavish ball, teasing a triceratops in a museum and popping-up centre-stage in the middle of an Ultron battle.