McMafia viewers REALLY want a second series

But will James Norton’s Alex Godman be back for more criminal adventures?

McMafia, BBC Pictures, SL

Sunday night’s McMafia series finale saw the final transformation of James Norton’s Alex Godman, with the formerly mild-mannered banker executing his rivals, seizing control of lucrative organised crime sectors and shunning his loved ones as he began a new and lonely life.


And it’s fair to say that the action-packed finale was a hit with most viewers, who had only one question on their minds – when are we getting a second series?

In the end, 77% of readers who responded to a poll said they’d enjoyed the series – though elsewhere, not everyone was quite so sure they wanted more episodes.

So will a second series be coming for McMafia? Well, understands that the BBC are waiting for the series to air on AMC in America before making a final decision. AMC co-produced the series, so success in the US is probably a prerequisite for them getting involved again, and the BBC is less likely to fund the globe-trotting show on its lonesome.

Still, given the generally positive reaction to the finale we’d say there’s a good chance the Yanks will get as excited about Alex’s descent into criminality as we all did. Watch this space.


McMafia’s first series is now available on BBC iPlayer