Matthew Lewis says Ripper Street definitely wasn’t axed

But it won't be coming back after series five


Good news, Ripper Street fans! The show wasn’t cancelled after all!


Bad news, Ripper Street fans! The Amazon series still won’t be coming back.

Confused? Let Ripper Street and Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis explain.

Executive producer Will Gould is similarly forthright.

Did you catch the difference? It’s like saying Lord of the Rings wasn’t ‘axed’ after Return of the King – the story was over, that’s all.

If Lewis is correct, at least this time Ripper Street won’t end unresolved, as was the case when the BBC pulled the plug on the series in 2013 and subsequently picked up by streaming service Amazon Prime. This time, the writers will be able to give the show the ending it deserves.


Hopefully that will help soften the blow when fans reach the end of series five later this year.