All three episodes of ITV drama Maryland are now available to stream on ITVX, and with the enticing mystery offered up by the first episode, it seems likely that many fans will binge their way through them all to uncover the truth.


The emotional series stars Suranne Jones and Eve Best as sisters Becca and Rosaline, who are investigating their mother's mysterious death on the Isle of Man, while also coming back together after years of growing apart.

But just what secrets was their mother Mary hiding, how did she die, and how did things shape up for Becca and Rosaline at the end of the series?

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Maryland on ITV.

*Warning - contains full spoilers for all three episodes of Maryland*

What secrets was Mary hiding?

Hugh Quarshie as Pete in Maryland
Hugh Quarshie as Pete in Maryland. ITV

Soon after they arrived to identify and repatriate Mary's body, it became clear that she hadn't just been there on holiday - she had in fact set up a whole other life there.

It turned out that some years previously she had decided to track down her birth mother, following the death of her adoptive mother. In doing so, she had come to the island and, once her birth mother died, had inherited a house there.

She had subsequently been splitting her time between the house on the island and Manchester. While on the island, she had built up a community, becoming friends with Cathy and starting a romantic relationship with Pete.

She had also later become aware that she was suffering from Alzheimer's disease - Richard had known this, but Becca and Rosaline had been kept in the dark.

Becca and Rosaline had been shocked to discover all of these secrets, with Becca feeling particularly betrayed having thought she was close with Mary.

How did Mary die?

Judy Clifton as Mary (right) with Stockard Channing as Cathy in Maryland
Judy Clifton as Mary (right) with Stockard Channing as Cathy in Maryland. ITV

After spending some time on the island, Becca and Rosaline are informed by the police that Mary died of a morphine overdose - one which they believe was a self-administered, purposeful attempt by Mary to take her own life.

It later transpires that Mary took the morphine from Cathy, after she found out she had Alzheimer's disease, wanting to take the end of her life into her own hands.

Cathy had the morphine because she worked as an end of life doula, although she said the morphine was for her own personal use and she mostly offered cannabis for those she worked with.

At the end of the series, the police had started investigating Cathy for her possession of the morphine and involvement in Mary's death.

What happened to Becca and Rosaline?

Suranne Jones as Becca and Andrew Knott as Jim in Maryland
Suranne Jones as Becca and Andrew Knott as Jim in Maryland. ITV

At the end of the series, having had marital difficulties, Becca and Jim reconciled, agreeing to talk more and make a plan for a better life together.

Meanwhile, Rosaline found out that she was fine after her biopsy, and finally told Becca that she had been dealing with the anxiety surrounding it for the whole trip.

The pair came to appreciate the life Mary had built on the island and Rosaline even said she would go to the police to try to convince them of Cathy's innocence in her death.

They spoke with their father, Richard, and told him that they did not intend to repatriate Mary's body - she had recorded a video message saying she wanted to stay on the island after she was gone.

Richard was furious at the suggestion and at what he saw as Mary's betrayal. He left the island on his own, and it appeared as though Mary's body would be remaining on the island - however, this remained largely unresolved at the end of the series.

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Dean Lennox Kelly as Jacob and Eve Best as Rosaline in Maryland
Dean Lennox Kelly as Jacob and Eve Best as Rosaline in Maryland. ITV

Becca, Jim, Lauren and Molly all headed home, but Rosaline decided to stay on the island and in the house - she said that she had found a job opportunity she may apply for and seemed happy.

She had also started up a relationship with taxi driver Jacob, who she had formed a connection with during her trip.

The sisters bid goodbye with a hug and then parted ways once more.

Maryland debuts on ITV1 at 9pm on Monday 22nd May, with the full series then becoming available on ITVX. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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