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Mare of Easttown release schedule – when is the next episode out?

As we approach the end of this gripping Sky Atlantic drama, here's how many episodes are left and when they'll be airing.

Kate Winslet plays Mare Sheehan
Published: Tuesday, 25th May 2021 at 11:41 am

After last week's Gogglebox-worthy instalment of Mare of Easttown, the Sky Atlantic/HBO drama returned with episode six on Monday, in which Kate Winslet's Mare got back to working on the Erin McMenamin's case.


With just one more episode to go before the series ends (how did it go so quickly?), we're so much closer to putting Erin's murderer behind bars – and while we did see one of her relatives confess to being the Easttown killer on Monday, that intriguing cliffhanger gives us every reason to conclude the case won't be closing that easily.

Set in a small Pennsylvanian town, the series focuses on Mare Sheehan (Winslet), the lead detective on Erin's case, who has spent a year trying to find a missing local girl. She juggles work with raising her grandson, following the death of her son, and coming to terms with her ex-husband's upcoming nuptials.

With just the series finale to go, here's everything you need to know about its release date.

When is episode 7 of Mare of Easttown?

The seventh episode of Mare of Easttown will be the season's last and airs on Monday 31st May at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

If you want to watch the episode as soon as it comes out, you can tune in to Sky Atlantic at 3am on Monday morning to catch it as it airs in the US.

How many episodes are there of Mare of Easttown?

There are seven episodes of Mare of Easttown in total – and there's only one remaining. Here's when they will be airing on Sky Atlantic: Episode 7: Sacrament – Monday 31st May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

When is the Mare of Easttown finale?

The last episode of Sky Atlantic's Mare of Easttown airs in the UK on Monday 31st May at 9pm – however, if you're a night owl or just a superfan, you can watch the episode as it airs in the US at 3am BST.

Mare of Easttown episode 6 recap

**Warning – spoilers ahead for Mare of Easttown episode six**

While it was going to be difficult for the Sky Atlantic drama to follow last week's gut-punch of an episode (RIP Zabel), Monday's Mare of Easttown episode six just about managed it.

After shooting Wayne Potts – the kidnapper who'd been keeping missing girls Katie and Missy captive – and recovering in hospital from the injuries she sustained, Mare is back on the case of Erin's murder, with Chief Carter returning her badge and gun back to her after suspending her earlier in the series.

Meanwhile, the police bring in Father Deacon Mark after finding Erin's bike in the river and arrest him for evidence tampering. After watching the police tribute to Zabel on TV, Mare heads to his mother's house to pay her respects but receives a literal slap in the face from the grieving woman, who blames Mare for her son's death.

Mare of Easttown

Whilst recovering at home, Mare is visited by Richard Ryan and tells him that she needs to get her life together before they can start properly dating. We then see Siobhan and her new girlfriend Anne hanging out together, with Anne trying to convince her to go to the University of California. However, Siobhan doesn't think her family would be happy with her living so far away and wants to be close to Anne. Anne subsequently cuts Siobhan off, leading Siobhan to go on a drinking binge and leave Anne way too many voicemails before arguing with Mare, telling her it should have been her who found Kevin on the day he died.

Back at work, Mare gets a call from Beth, who is worried about her opioid addict brother Freddie. When Mare goes to inspect his room, she discovers Freddie has died from a heroin overdose but also finds bags of Erin's clothes in his room, containing a jumper with 'Ross Family Reunion' on it and the date. Mare recognises the date, which matches the date engraved on a necklace she found in Erin's room.

Mare asks her friend Lori Ross about the reunion, learning that the Ross family organised a trip with the McMenamin's after Erin's mother passed away and that Erin stayed in the same cabin as Billy Ross – John's brother and Kenny's cousin.

Meanwhile, Brianna Del Rasso visits the police station having broken up with Dylan, telling Mare he was not in bed with her at 2am on the night of Erin's murder. Mare calls Dylan into the police station, questioning him again on his alibi and telling him that he's now the number one suspect in the case. Erin's best friend Jess is chased down and intimidated by Dylan and a friend, who threaten to kill her if she speaks to the police about them burning Erin's diaries.

Mare of Easttown

Over at the Ross house, John's father tells him that Billy came home covered in blood on the night of Erin's murder, with John confronting a dishevelled-looking Billy, who confesses to killing Erin and fathering her child DJ. Around the same time, Mare takes Erin's necklace to the jeweller and discovers that it was Billy who bought it for her.

When Billy tells John that he wants to tell the police he killed Erin, John convinces him to go on one last fishing trip with him – although Billy finds a gun in John's tackle box and makes sure he's the one carrying it. Lori goes to Mare and tells her it was Billy who killed Erin after John swore her to secrecy and Mare heads out to arrest Billy. However, Jess turns up at the police station with a picture she took from Erin's diaries and shows it to the chief, who orders his officers to get Mare on the phone urgently.

With the show leaving us on yet another cliffhanger, Monday cannot come around quicker. Did Billy really kill Erin? Why was Dylan so eager to burn the diaries? What did Jess show Chief Carter? So many questions that we'll hopefully have the answer to next week.

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Mare of Easttown continues on Sky Atlantic on Mondays at 9pm. Check out our TV Guide to find something to watch, or visit our Drama hub for all the latest news.


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