Marcella, the ITV series about a detective who suffers from violent black-outs, is back for a third season - but the show has been reinvented, as the title character (Anna Friel) goes undercover.


In season three, Marcella takes on the persona of 'Keira' in order to infiltrate the Maguire crime family, but she begins to enjoy her new luxurious lifestyle a bit too much, and appears to hatch plans to take over the family business.

"That’s basically the arc of the show," Friel told "Marcella is much more preferring Keira and I’m not sure if she wants her old life back. I don’t think she thought there was anything redeeming about herself and she has no point to live and that makes her even more fearless. And then she starts to come part of a world and starts to question her own moral compass and integrity."

Read on for the cast list and characters in Marcella season three.

Anna Friel as DS Marcella Backland

Who is Marcella? Marcella is an unrelenting detective who is willing to push boundaries to solve a case, whatever the emotional and relational collateral damage may be.

However, following the dramatic revelations from season two, Marcella is now undercover as a new persona, Keira Devlin, and using her character as a means of hiding from her own personal life.

Where have I seen Anna Friel before? Friel is a prolific television actress. She rose to fame for her role in the 90s series Brookside, and has more recently starred in The Girlfriend Experience, Broken and American Odyssey. She previously won an Emmy for her portrayal of Marcella.

Ray Panthaki as DI Rav Sangha

Who is Rav Sangha? Rav is the straightforward, straight-talking lead detective on Marcella’s team.

Where have I seen Ray Panthaki before? You might have seen Panthanki as Ronny in EastEnders from 2003 to 2005, and he also starred in the TV series Blessed, DCI Banks and The Wrong Mans.

Hugo Speer as Frank Young

Marcella season 3

Who is Frank Young? Frank is Marcella’s handler, helping her to create her Keira persona.

Where have I seen Hugo Speer before? He's known for the likes of Father Brown, The Full Monty,Britannia (as Lucius), London Kills, and The Musketeers.

Amanda Burton as Katherine Maguire

Marcella season 3

Who is Katherine Maguire? The matriarch of the Maguire family, she's responsible for creating a new sense of legitimacy for the company (while still relying on criminal networks and relationships). She's the central antagonist for season three.

Where have I seen Amanda Burton before? She's recently starred in ITV true crime drama White House Farm, but she's also been in the likes of Pollyanna, Silent Witness, Waterloo Road, and The Level.

Aaron McCusker as Finn Maguire

Marcella season 3

Who is Finn Maguire? The middle child and CEO of the family company, but he's yet to provide an heir - something that's a source of consternation for his mother, Katherine.

Where have I seen Aaron McCusker before? You'll know him from the likes of Shameless, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dexter, and Secret Child: The Bridge.

Michael Colgan as Rory Maguire

Marcella s3

Who is Rory Maguire? A "reclusive germaphobe," he's nonetheless razor-sharp with a photographic memory, and acts as his family lawyer.

Where have I seen Michael Colgan before? He's starred in Chernobyl, The Crown, Rebel Heart, Raw, and The Thick of It.

Kelly Gough plays Stacey Maguire

Marcella season 3

Who is Stacey? Katherine's youngest child, she's currently pregnant (causing jealousy among her brothers). She's not very involved in the bigger picture, business-side of the company - that is, until Marcella begins prompting her.

Where have I seen Kelly Gough before? Kelly is known for roles in Casualty, Broadchurch, Call the Midwife, The Fall, and Vera.

Martin McCann as Bobby Barrett

Marcella season 3

Who is Bobby Barrett? Stacey's husband, he's out of his depth in his new role within the family business.

Where have I seen Martin McCann? The actor has starred in the adaptation Death and Nightingales, The Survivalist, Calibre, and The Pacific.

Paul Kennedy as Lawrence Corrigan

Marcella season 3

Who is Lawrence Corrigan? Lawrence is the Maguire's accountant, and Marcella's first contact with the crime family. The pair are now dating.

Where have I seen Paul Kennedy before? The actor and producer is known for the likes of The Frankenstein Chronicles, The Fall, Outlander, and Game of Thrones.

Jamie Bamber as DCI Tim Williamson (season 2)

Who is Tim Williamson? Tim is DCI of Marcella’s team. The two of them are in a casual relationship.

Where do I recognise Jamie Bamber from? Bamber is best known for his role as Apollo in Battlestar Galactica, and for playing Matthew Wild in Fearless. He also played an attorney in NCIS and had roles in Band of Brothers and Law & Order UK.

Sophia Brown as DC LeAnn Hunter (season 2)

Who is LeAnn Hunter? A spiky new DC on Rav’s team. There’s tension and a sense of competition between LeAnn and Marcella.

Where do I recognise her from? Brown has appeared in the series Clique and Guerrilla and in the films Beauty & The Beast and Disobedience.

Jack Doolan as DC Mark Travis (season 2)

Who is Mark Travis? Mark is one of the officers on Marcella's team.

Where do I recognise Jack Doolan from? Doolan is known for White Gold, The Green Green Grass and the movie Cemetery Junction.

Nicholas Pinnock as Jason Backland (season 2)

Who is Jason Backland? Marcella’s ex-husband and father to her children.

Where do I recognise Nicholas Pinnock from? You might have seen Pinnock in the series Fortitude, Guerrilla, Top Boy and – back in the '90s – Grange Hill.

Yolanda Kettle as Becky Marani (season 2)

Who is Becky Marani? The much younger fiancée of Jason. For obvious reasons, Becky and Marcella aren’t best of friends.

Where do I recognise Yolanda Kettle from? Kettle plays Camilla Fry in The Crown. She also recently appeared in Howard’s End, Doc Martin and Love, Nina.

Jason Hughes as Vince Whitman (season 2)

Who is Vince Whitman?Vince is a working class self-made businessman, building Red Cow Gifts into a multi-million-pound company – despite its PR troubles. He’s married to Maya Whitman.

Where do I recognise Jason Hughes from? Hughes played DC Sandy Guthrie in Three Girls, and you might have also seen him in Midsomer Murders and briefly in Death in Paradise.

Victoria Smurfit as Maya Whitman (season 2)

Who is Maya Whitman? Vince’s wife is the founder of The Whitman Foundation – a charity which helps children who find themselves deprived or in danger.

Where do I recognise Victoria Smurfit from? Smurfit is known for appearing in the series Once Upon A Time, Trial & Retribution and Cold Feet. She also played Hugh Grant’s love interest Suzie in the movie About a Boy.

Nigel Planer as Reg Reynolds (season 2)

Who is Reg Reynolds? Former drummer in the 70s band, Swiss Coast. In poor health, he uses his long-time friend and the band’s manager Alan as a crutch to walk through life. But when the body of a 9-year-old is discovered in his flat, secrets and guilt from his past begin to haunt him.

Where do I recognise Nigel Planer from? Planer is most famous for his role as Neil in The Young Ones. He's also known for Comic Strip Presents and Episodes. More recently he has made the odd appearance in Death in Paradise, Inside No 9 and Grantchester.

Keith Allen as Alan Summers (season 2)

Who is Alan Summers? Swiss Coast’s band manager. He has been a guardian for Reg as his health has deteriorated. He knows all of Reg’s secrets.

Where do I recognise Keith Allen from? Allen has had a long and successful career in both TV and film. He’s appeared in the movies Eddie The Eagle, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Trainspotting and The Others, to name a few. On TV, you might have seen him in My Mad Fat Diary, The Body Farm, The Runaway and Robin Hood. Fun fact: he’s also Lily Allen’s father.

Peter Sullivan as Phil Dawkins (season 2)

Who is Phil Dawkins? Phil is a convicted paedophile who Marcella brings in for questioning.

Where do I recognise Peter Sullivan from? Sullivan has had many starring roles on TV, including in Cuffs, Critical, The Borgias, The Hour and The Bill.

Amy Dawson as Nina (season 2)

Who is Nina? Nina is Phil’s partner. She’s young and impressionable, and believes he has changed.

Where do I recognise Amy Dawson from? You might have seen Dawson in Harlots or Chickens. She also briefly starred in Game of Thrones as Captain’s daughter.


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