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Meet the cast of The Mallorca Files

Everything you need to know about the cast and characters who feature in the BBC's light-hearted cop show set on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Published: Friday, 29th January 2021 at 1:58 pm

With uptight Brit DC Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) and laidback German DC Max Winter (Julian Looman) as your classic "unlikely duo" of detectives, The Mallorca Files is back for season two – with six more episodes full of crime under the Spanish sun.


The two stars are joined by familiar faces from season one, as well as some new additions to the pathology lab. Plus, each episode features a whole new set of guest actors, some of whom will be familiar to viewers from the UK – and some of whom won't.

But who are the stars? Here's everything you need to know about the cast and characters of The Mallorca Files.

Elen Rhys plays DC Miranda Blake

Elen Rhys in the Mallorca Files

Who is DC Miranda Blake? Miranda Blake is a hugely capable – but somewhat uptight – British detective who usually opts to play things by the book. In the first season, Miranda arrived in Mallorca to transport a high profile criminal informant back to the UK, but (after a series of dramatic events) she ended up staying on the island. Now, in season two, she's starting to find her feet a bit more, and to bond with her partner DC Max Winter.

Where have I seen Elen Rhys before? Elen Rhys is a Welsh actor, best known for her television work, which includes roles in Broadchurch, Keeping Faith, Ordinary Lies, and Silent Witness. She has also appeared in some independent films like 2011's Panic Button, and had a small role in World War Z.

Julian Looman plays DC Max Winter

Julian Looman in The Mallorca Files

Who is DC Max Winter? Max Winter is a roguish German police detective who gets paired with Blake after her escort job goes awry. Although his approach to police work initially rubs his tightly-wound partner up the wrong way, the two quickly form an unexpectedly strong bond.

Where have I seen Julian Looman before? Probably nowhere – unless you watch German TV! The 34-year-old actor has appeared in several German-language productions over the years, including as Adam Litkowski in German-Austrian thriller Der Pass.

Maria Fernández-Ache plays Inés Villegas

Maria Fernández-Ache

Who is Ines Villegas? The stylish chief of police in Palma, Ines Villegas is a regular character in the series, as she is tasked with reluctantly overseeing Miranda and Max's combative Anglo-German partnership.

Where have I seen Maria Fernández-Ache before? The Spanish actress has previously appeared in programmes including Holby City and Lost in Karastan. She also served as an acting coach on the BBC's high-budget adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

Tábata Cerezo plays Carmen Lorenzo

Tábata Cerezo plays Carmen Lorenzo in The Mallorca Files

Who is Carmen Lorenzo? Carmen is Max's Spanish girlfriend. According to Cerezo, "they're a very good match. They're both free spirits and love life, wine and music. She is a woman who comes across as strong, but we will see a vulnerable side to her as well."

Where have I seen Tábata Cerezo before? A Madrid native, Cerezo has worked across film, TV and theatre, and her credits include The Night Manager and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Alex Hafner plays Roberto Herrero

Who is Roberto Herrero? The new forensics guy for season two. He is... somewhat dramatic.

Where have I seen Alex Hafner before? An Austrian-born Italian-Spanish actor whose other credits include Let It Snow, Cable Girls, Submergence, and La que se avencia.

Nansi Nsue plays Luisa Rosa

Who is Luisa Rosa? Luisa is another addition to the forensics lab – in fact, she's only just started. She also has a flair for the dramatic, and she is very keen to help.

Where have I seen Nansi Nsue before? Nansi describes herself as "an Afro-Spanish actress with a Spanish-American accent now based in London". Her screen credits include Whiskey Cavalier, Trumped, Dear Jesus, and How To Talk To Girls At Parties.

Season 2 guest stars

Episode by episode, here are the guest stars for season two of The Mallorca Files:

Antonio Valero plays Xisco Rey (episode 6)

Antonio Valero plays Xisco Rey in The Mallorca Files

Who is Xisco Rey? The owner of an old, traditional ranch in Mallorca.

What else has Antonio Valero been in? Credits include Servir y proteger, Cable Girls, and La forja de un rebelde.

Ben Cura plays Jose Rey (episode 6)

Who is Jose Rey? Xisco's grandson. He is about to inherit the ranch when Xisco retires, and he has big plans for renovations and new ventures.

What else has Ben Cura been in? You might recognise him from the first season of the TV series Marcella, in which he played Matthew Neil. He's also been in Silent Witness, The Royals, and Gun Shy.

José Luis García Pérez plays Javier Santos (episode 6)

Jose Garcia Perez plays Javier Santos in The Mallorca Files

Who is Javier Santos? Dubbed the "horse whisperer" by Max, Javier has worked at the ranch for many years. His daughter, Belia, is marrying Jose.

What else has José Luis García Pérez been in? His many credits include Buried, El Cid, Diarios de la cuarentena, and Secretos de Estado.

Paulina Gálvez plays Pia Rey (episode 6)

Paulina Gal Vez plays Pia Rey in The Mallorca Files

Who is Pia Rey? Xisco's daughter, and Jose's mother.

What else has Paulina Gálvez been in? She played Catalina in the 2018 TV seres The Purge. Other credits include Demente Crikinal, Dueños del Paraíso, El Cartel de los Sapos, and La embajada.

Lou Cosette plays Belia Santos (episode 6)

Lou Cosette plays Belia Santos in The Mallorca Files

Who is Belia Santos? Javier's daughter, and Jose's fiancé.

What else has Lou Cosette been in? She's appeared in Vis a Vis: El Oasis, and also in La Pasión del Cocodrilo.

Ana Gracia plays Anna Manera (episode 5)

Ana Gracia plays Anna Manera in The Mallorca Files

Who is Anna Manera? The owner of a local pet store, which sells pet birds.

What else has Ana Gracia been in? Some of her many credits include HIT, The Minions of Midas, Com si fos ahir, Truman, and Camino.

Alba Ribas plays Emilia Fernandez (episode 5)

Alba Ribas plays Emilia Fernandez in The Mallorca Files

Who is Emilia Fernandez? Emilia is an assistant at the nature reserve.

What else has Alba Ribas been in? She's been in Derecho a soñar, Cities, The Boat, and The Corpse of Anna Fritz.

Anton Antoniadis plays Rico Alonso (episode 4)

Anton Antoniadis plays Rico Alonso in The Mallorca Files

Who is Rico Alonso? A talented young footballer who is the shining light of the football club in Mallorca. However, he is about to be bought by a German club for a lot of money. This is his big break, but not everyone is happy to see him leave Mallorca behind.

What else has Anton Antoniadis been in? Credits include The Ministry of Time and Dear Soulmate. He is also a musician.

Rebecca Roldan plays Marta Alonso (episode 4)

Rebecca Roldan plays Marta Alonso in The Mallorca Files

Who is Marta Alonso? Rico's mother, who had him as a teenager and raised him alone.

What else has Rebecca Roldan been in? This is one of her first screen credits, other than the TV series Spanish Shame and the film Faraday.

Ivan Marcos plays Jaume Borrell (episode 4)

Ivan Marcos plays Jaume Borrell in The Mallorca Files

Who is Jaume Borrell? The football coach for Rico's team.

What else has Ivan Marcos been in? The actor works mainly in Spanish, with credits including Jaguar, 45 rpm, and Pazo de familia.

Craig Kelly plays Lee Flack (episode 4)

Craig Kelly plays Lee Flack in The Mallorca Files

Who is Lee Flack? Rico's manager, who is arranging for the German club to buy him. Lee is arrogant and demanding.

What else has Craig Kelly been in? Craig Kelly is perhaps best known for playing Luke Strong in Coronation Street, a role he left in 2009.He's also been in Moving On, Collision, Hotel Babylon, and the Doctor Who mini-series Scream of the Shalka (voicing the character Joe).

Andrew Whipp plays Oliver Barker (episode 3)

Andrew Whipp plays Oliver Barker in The Mallorca Files

Who is Oliver Barker? A famous food critic, who has the power to make or break a restauranteur's career.

What else has Andrew Whipp been in? He recently appeared in Cursed, playing Nimue's father Jonah. He's also been in The White Princess (playing Richard Pole), and Outlander (as Brian Fraser).

Maite Jauregui plays Ana Gutierrez (episode 3)

Maite Jauregui plays Ana Gutierrez in The Mallorca Files

Who is Ana Gutierrez? Ana's budding career in the restaurant industry was cut short by Oliver. She now works as a photographer.

What else has Maite Jauregui been in? She played Vera in the TV series Flowers, and has also been in 18, Abuela de verano, and Amar es para siempre.

Andy Lucas plays Ernesto (episode 3)

Andy Lucas plays Ernesto in The Mallorca Files

Who is Ernesto? A hotelier, who is about to retire. Oliver always stays at his hotel when he visits Mallorca from mainland Spain.

What else has Andy Lucas been in? He played Juan Ramirez in the 2004 movie AVP: Alien vs Predator. In recent years he's plays Mr Zabala in the Netflix "A Christmas Prince" movies, and also appeared in Gunpowder, Witless, and Da Vinci's Demons.

Phil Daniels plays Frank Bottomley (episode 2)

Phil Daniels plays Frank Bottomley in The Mallorca Files

Who is Frank Bottomley? A retired British cop who's working as a private detective in Mallorca.

What else has Phil Daniels been in? The actor's very familiar face has made recent appearances in Adult Material, I Hate Suzie, and Call the Midwife. He's also known for starring as Kevin in EastEnders, and for playing the lead role of Jimmy Cooper in Quadrophenia. Other credits include New Tricks, Rock & Chips, Chicken Run, The Hatton Garden Job, Outlaws, and The Pickwick Papers.

Alberto Maneiro plays Diego Gris (episode 2)

Who is Diego Gris? An arrogant, wealthy man who disappears from his car on a remote mountain road.

What else has Alberto Maneiro been in? He's appeared in The Interceptor, River City, Back, and a variety of Spanish TV dramas.

Isabel Garcia-Lorca plays Rosalía Gris (episode 2)

Isabel Garcia-Lorca plays Rosalía Gris in The Mallorca Files

Who is Rosalía Gris? Rosalía's late husband - who was much older than her - made the family fortune. She is the mother of Diego, who has gone missing.

What else has Isabel Garcia-Lorca been in? Credits include Remember Me, The Man Who Was Thursday, The Goya Murders, and more.

Gabriel Andreu plays Father García (episode 2)

Gabriel Andreu plays Father García in The Mallorca Files

Who is Father García? The priest at the church. He is close to the Gris family, and believes that the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War were traitors.

What else has Gabriel Andreu been in? He played Hector Jimenez in John le Carré drama The Night Manager, and also played Christopher Columbus in the Assassin's Creed movie.

Celia Freijeiro plays María Himénez (episode 2)

Who is María Himénez? María is presiding over a dig to excavate the remains of executed Republicans from the Spanish Civil War, and to reunite them with their families. The dig is taking place on Gris family land, but with the authorisation of the state.

What else has Celia Freijeiro been in? The actress has mainly worked in Spanish, with titles including Vida perfecta, A Different View, Servir y proteger, and Homicidios.

Mario De La Rosa plays Arturo Cela (episode 2)

Who is Arturo Cela? A local man who passionately believes in the Republican cause, and who has nothing but negative feelings towards the Gris family.

What else has Mario De La Rosa been in? He plays Suárez in hit Netflix drama Money Heist.

Carlos Magnusson plays José Castana (episode 1)

Carlos Magnusson plays José Castana in The Mallorca Files

Who is José Castana? A popular opera singer who is murdered after the performance.

Where have I seen Carlos Magnusson before? Credits include Off the Rails, and the short film La leyenda de Oriol – but he's actually a relative newcomer.

Cristina Castaño plays Dominica Castana (episode 1)

Cristina Castaño plays Dominica Castana in The Mallorca Files

Who is Dominica Castana? An opera singer who performed alongside her husband, José.

Where have I seen Cristina Castano before? For many years, the Spanish actress starred as Judith Becker in the comedy series La que se avecina. She's also known for playing Macerena in the TV series Toy Boy, and for playing Isa in I Can Quit Whenever I Want.

Mar Sodupe plays Elvira Cortez (episode 1)

Mar Sodupe plays Elvira Cortez in The Mallorca Files

Who is Elvira Cortez? José's manager, and the boss at the opera house.

Where have I seen Mar Sodupe before? Mar Sodupe's credits include La caza Monteperdido, The White Crow, I Know Who You Are, Cannabis, and Interpol.

Graeme Hawley plays Alan Bull (episode 1)

Who is Alan Bull? A drunk percussionist.

Where have I seen Graeme Hawley before? Over on ITV, you'll find him playing widower Graham in Keeley Hawes drama Finding Alice. He's also known for starring as John Stape in Coronation Street, and for shows including Peaky Blinders (as Niall Devlin), National Treasure (as Dan), Home Fires (as Nigel Hughes), and Emmerdale (as DC Martin Crowe).

Josette Simon plays Anna Hammond (episode 1)

Josette Simon plays Anna Hammond in The Mallorca Files

Who is Anna Hammond? Lead violist in the orchestra. Anna is a straight-talker who's – understandably – pretty fed up with men.

Where have I seen Josette Simon before? The British actress, who is of Antiguan descent, is a regular on the stage – including with the Royal Shakespeare Company. On TV, she's been in Small Axe (as Lydia Thomas), Riviera, The Witcher (as Eithne), The Split, Night Flyers, and Broadchurch. On the big screen, she played Grams in Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Mnemosyne in Wonder Woman, and she's set to play Zelda in The Witches.

Sarah Lochlan plays Eva Reyes (episode 1)

Who is Eva Reyes? A violinist who drowns herself in the opening minutes of the first episode.

Where I have I seenSarah Lochlan before? She's actually more of a stunt performer, with appearances in almost 100 movies and TV shows including Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Tenet, and Killing Eve.

Nacho Aldeguer plays Federico Ramis (season 1)

Nacho Aldeguer

Who is Federico Ramis? Federico, the Palma Police pathologist, is responsible for the scientific side of the team's investigations.

Where have I seen Nacho Aldeguer before? The Mallorca Files has made sure to cast plenty of Spanish actors to lend the show a sense of authenticity – and Nacho Aldeguer is a great example. The 34-year-old Madrid-born actor has previously appeared in Cuéntame cómo pasó – and has provided the Spanish vocal dubs for Andy in the Toy Story franchise, and Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.


The Mallorca Files series two begins on Monday 1st February at 1.45pm on BBC One, continuing on weekdays. Check out what else is on with our TV guide.


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