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Will we get a third season of The Mallorca Files?

Here's what we know about whether The Mallorca Files is getting a sequel.

The Mallorca Files
Published: Monday, 8th February 2021 at 3:03 pm

As the credits roll and the song "Time On Our Side" plays out at the end of season two, fans of BBC One's daytime drama The Mallorca Files will be wondering if season three is on its way.


After all, the sixth and final episode of The Mallorca Files – set on a Spanish horse ranch in the mountains – ends like any other episode, with the case solved and our detective duo sharing a moment to celebrate. So, surely Max Winter (Julian Looman) and Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) will be back for more?

Here's everything we know about season three so far.

Has The Mallorca Files been renewed for season 3?

Not officially, no. A spokesperson for the show confirmed that the The Mallorca Files has not been recommissioned for season three – yet. However, even without the green light, work on season three has already begun.

And the show is in the unusual position of already having four episodes written and ready to film, as soon as possible. That's because season two was meant to be 10 episodes long – but, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, filming had to be called off with only six episodes in the bag.

The Mallorca Files S2

Showrunner and lead writer Dan Sefton said: "We’ve still got four great episodes on the page, so I’m disappointed that we haven’t been able to make them… yet. We were about to start filming the episode of one of our new young writers and also had a great finale planned that was going to be really high energy and exciting. I’m hopeful, though, that if this series goes down well, we’ll still get a chance to have them produced.

"We’re in the lucky position of having developed a lot of stories for season three already, so we’re not short of material and there’s a lot of life left in the show if the audience agrees."

A statement from the show said: "In the meantime, the team are continuing to develop a third season of The Mallorca Files, which will pick up the story of Miranda and Max, including those adventures the crew weren’t able to film this time around."

When could we expect a third season?

At this point, it's hard to predict when The Mallorca Files season three would be ready to hit our screens.

Season one aired in late 2019, with season two in early 2021. At that rate, we might hope to see season three in 2022 – but with COVID still complicating filming schedules around the world, that could easily change!

Who would star in a potential third season?

We would expect to see the return of Elen Rhys as British detective Miranda Blake, alongside Julian Looman as German detective Max Winter. Their relationship is at the heart of the show, and they lead The Mallorca Files cast.

Returning characters would likely also include Palma police chief Inés Villegas (María Fernández Ache) and Max's girlfriend Carmen (Tábata Cerezo).

Then there are season two's newcomers to the forensics lab, Roberto and Luisa, played by Alex Hafner and Nansi Nsue respectively.

A third season would also include plenty more guest stars, from Spain and beyond.

How many seasons of The Mallorca Files will there be?

Dan Sefton has teased: "You know sometimes you write a show and you realise you’re struggling to create more material for it, but with The Mallorca Files, it feels like people come in with more ideas and the possibilities are expanding within the context of the format.

"I think The Mallorca Files is one of those shows that if the audience like it, we could produce lots of new stories that keep moving the series forward."


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