Victor Salazar's journey of self-discovery is coming to an end this month with the worldwide launch of Love, Victor season 3 on Disney Plus and Hulu.


When we first met the high schooler, he was struggling with feelings of intense fear, shame and doubt over his sexuality, which drove him to attempt to suppress his true desires.

By season 3, his circumstances have changed substantially, as he bravely throws himself into the dating world after a rift develops between himself and boyfriend, Benji.

We won't divulge exactly how Victor's story ends, but showrunners Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker have told why they felt season 3 was the correct point to wrap things up.

"I think the feeling for everyone was that we had really told the story we set out to tell. Victor has had this journey, and really in three distinct chapters," began Aptaker.

"And with all of our cast... they were sort of fresh faced 20/21-year-olds who were playing high school. And as the years have gone on, they're now mid-20s playing high school [so] it feels like the show has grown up and gone on this journey."

He added: "It felt like a really natural, full circle ending point."

That's not to say that bidding farewell to these characters came easy, with co-showrunner Berger describing it as a "bittersweet" moment for all involved in the show.

Victor (Michael Cimino) in Love, Victor.
Victor (Michael Cimino) in Love, Victor. Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

"We love this show deeply. Our cast loves this show. We love our viewers," she said. "But we do feel so grateful going into this season that we knew that it was our final season and we all got to really write towards the ending for everybody that felt right to us."

Berger continued: "So often on TV, you don't get to write to that, you don't get to know what your plan is. Knowing that we get to give an ending here is hugely exciting, and just so satisfying for us and we think we have something... that will leave everyone feeling really good and really satisfied."

Aptaker and Berger have now crafted two heartwarming LGBTQ+ coming-of-age stories, with the first belonging to Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) in 2018's Love, Simon and the second being Victor's very different experience.

Could another character provide a new chapter in the 'Love' franchise?

"It's always on the table," said Aptaker. "We love high school stories. We always say ‘that's our last high school thing’, and now we're about to actually do another. But it's such a rich time.

"There's so much discovery and the stakes are so high. It's such a juicy time of life to write about. So yeah, it's been a true pleasure getting to tell these stories for three seasons and a movie, and I would never say no more."

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