Love, Victor season two has finally arrived in the UK courtesy of Star on Disney Plus, picking up with high school student Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) after the dramatic events of prom night.


The season one finale saw his misguided relationship with dear friend Mia (Rachel Hilson) come to an emotional end, after he and Benji were caught kissing outside.

If that wasn't enough, Victor went home to discover that his parents had decided on a trial separation, but that wasn't enough to stop him telling them the truth about his sexuality.

Season two sees Victor and Benji finally in an official relationship, while things are also heating up for friends Felix and Lake – but where does that leave an increasingly isolated Mia?

Read on to get up to speed with the cast and characters of Love, Victor on Disney Plus.

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Michael Cimino plays Victor Salazar

Michael Cimino plays Victor Salazar in Love, Victor

Who is Victor? Victor Salazar is a 16-year old high school student, who moves from Texas to Atlanta with his family, all the while struggling to make sense of his sexuality. He enrols at a new high school where the students are generally more liberal than those from his hometown, but that doesn't make finding his place any easier. He quickly forms a bond with classmate Mia and the two get into a romantic relationship. But Victor soon discovers that it's not so easy to suppress his true feelings – developing a crush on co-worker Benji.

It all ended in tears on prom night, when Victor and Benji finally acknowledged their feelings for each other and kissed, while a confused and upset Mia looked on in the distance.

What else has Michael Cimino been in? Cimino recently appeared in the horror sequel Annabelle Comes Home, which is part of The Conjuring cinematic universe.

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Rachel Hilson plays Mia Brooks

Rachel Hilson plays Mia Brooks in Love, Victor

Who is Mia? Mia is one of the most popular students at Creekwood High, who quickly becomes close with Victor upon his arrival at the school. Unaware of the confusing feelings he is having about his sexuality, Mia develops a crush on him and the two begin dating, but their relationship ends in heartbreak. At home, Mia is struggling to adjust to the fact that her father is dating another woman – and they are preparing to have another child.

What else has Rachel Hilson been in? One of Hilson's earliest major screen roles was playing Nisa Dalmar on legal drama The Good Wife, while she currently has a recurring role on This Is Us as the young Beth Clarke.

Anthony Turpel plays Felix Westen

Anthony Turpel plays Felix in Love, Victor

Who is Felix? Felix lives in the same apartment building as Victor and is a fellow student at Creekwood High. He is a little eccentric, which makes him a social outcast at school, but he and Victor quickly become good friends. Over the course of season one, he develops an unlikely romance with popularity chaser Lake and – after some initial wobbles – the two start a relationship. Felix certainly needs the support, as he struggles to balance schoolwork with looking after his mother, whose mental health is rapidly deteriorating.

What else has Anthony Turpel been in? Turpel got his start on the long-running US soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful, where he played the role of RJ Forrester across dozens of episodes.

Bebe Wood plays Lake Meriwether

Bebe Wood in Love, Victor

Who is Lake Meriwether? Lake is Mia's best friend and one of the more popular students at Creekwood High. She also helps to run the campus gossip news outlet, which covers the social lives of the students. As season two starts, she and Felix are in a romantic relationship and have spent the summer double-dating with Victor and Benji, but that could cause complications when Mia returns from camp.

What else has Bebe Wood been in? Bebe is no stranger to US comedy, having previously had recurring roles on short-lived sitcoms The New Normal and The Real O'Neals. She also provides the voice of Shannon in Dreamworks' Tales of Arcadia franchise.

Mason Gooding plays Andrew

Mason Gooding in Love, Victor

Who is Andrew? Andrew is one of the top athletes at Creekwood High, who quickly butts heads with Victor when he tries to join the school basketball team. He has feelings for Mia, and seeing Victor become so close with her has caused some tension.

What else has Mason Gooding been in? Gooding previously starred in Booksmart, another high school hit that followed two academic teenagers as they rebelled on the day before their graduation. He is the son of Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

George Sear plays Benji Campbell

George Sear plays Benji Campbell in Love, Victor

Who is Benji? Benji is one of the only openly gay students at Creekwood High and someone that Victor quickly develops a crush on. The situation becomes more complicated when he finds himself working alongside him at the coffee shop near to the campus. Ultimately, Benji leaves his uncaring boyfriend to start a new relationship with Victor.

What else has George Sear been in? Last year, Sear played the role of Parker Roscoe in Amazon Prime Video's adaptation of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider. Previously, he had appeared in Into The Badlands, Will and the Disney Channel's Evermoor Chronicles.

Isabella Fereira plays Pilar Salazar

Love, Victor - Pilar Salazar

Who is Pilar? Pilar is Victor's younger sister, who is less than thrilled to have been ripped away from her life in Texas to rebuild from scratch in Atlanta. Victor looks out for her at school, but the two of them don't have a perfect relationship by any means.

What else has Isabella Fereira been in? Fereira played the role of Eva Diaz on Netflix's prison drama Orange is the New Black, and also appeared in pandemic tragicomedy Social Distance.

Ana Ortiz plays Isabel Salazar

Love, Victor - Ana Ortiz plays Isabel Salazar

Who is Isabel Salazar? Isabel is Victor's mother and a devout Catholic, who cares deeply for her family's wellbeing. She always tells Victor that he's the only person she never worries about because she trusts him so much, but this only serves to make him feel more anxious about his sexuality – fearing she will reject him.

What else has Ana Ortiz been in? Ortiz has previously had starring roles on the US dramas Ugly Betty and Devious Maids, while she has also taken comedic guest roles in the likes of The Mindy Project, Black-ish, Superstore and Angie Tribeca.

James Martinez plays Armando Salazar

James Martinez in Love, Victor season 2

Who is Armando Salazar? Armando is Victor's father, who relocates his entire family after getting a job in Atlanta. He has a good relationship with his son, but Victor nevertheless fears how he could react if he were to come out as homosexual.

What else has James Martinez been in? Martinez's recent projects include Netflix's political drama House of Cards and cult favourite family sitcom One Day at a Time.

Betsy Brandt plays Dawn Westen

Betsy Brandt plays Dawn Westen in Love, Victor season 2

Who is Dawn Westen? Dawn is Felix's mother, who suffers from severe mental health problems. Her state worsens in season two, rendering her unable to work – meaning Felix has to find a way to pay the bills.

What else has Betsy Brandt been in? Betsy is probably best known for her role as Marie in the acclaimed crime drama, Breaking Bad.

Andy Richter plays Coach Ford

Andy Richter
Andy Richter speaks onstage at the Netflix Adult Animation Q&A and Reception. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix) Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

Who is Coach Ford? Ford is the friendly – albeit slightly awkward – basketball coach at Creekwood High.

What else has Andy Richter been in? Richter is a familiar face in American comedy, known for his collaborations with talk show host Conan O'Brien, as well as acting roles in Elf, Arrested Development and Santa Clarita Diet.

Nick Robinson plays Simon Spier

Love, Simon - Nick Robinson

Who is Simon Spier? Simon is a former student of Creekwood High, who achieved social media stardom after the story of his whirlwind romance became the stuff of local legend (see: the events of 2018's Love, Simon). Hearing this story gives Victor hope that he could have a similarly life-changing experience, messaging Simon frequently over Instagram to vent and ask for advice.

What else has Nick Robinson been in? Robinson is best known for playing Zach in 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World, co-starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins. He went on to play the title role in 2018 romcom Love, Simon, upon which Love, Victor is based. Most recently, he starred opposite Kate Mara in FX's hard-hitting drama, A Teacher.

Love, Victor season two premieres on Disney Plus Star on Friday 18th June. To watch, sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year.


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