Liar viewers could barely watch the “scariest” episode yet of the ITV drama

With a kidnap and a tense scene in a boatyard, the drama had viewers' hearts in their mouths


The penultimate episode of Liar left viewers on the edge of their seats when Laura (Joanne Froggatt) took matters into her own hands and kidnapped Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd).


After failing to get justice against her attacker, tense scenes saw Laura drugging Andrew and bundling into the back of his own car. After driving him to a remote location in the marshes, she then tied him up and revealed that he had been set up so that when she went to the police again, there would be evidence in his car and from witnesses.

But events took an even more sinister turn when Andrew told her “don’t run” after revealing that he had loosened the rope around his wrists and freed himself.

A hugely tense sequence followed with Laura and Andrew darting amongst moored boats on the beach as she tried to escape and he pursued her.

And the tension was just too much for many people, who called it the ‘scariest’ episode of the ITV drama yet:

Despite attempting to attack Laura again, Andrew was halted when DI Vanessa Harmon pulled up in her car and arrived at the beach. Telling him she wasn’t afraid of Andrew, Vanessa vowed that he would face justice for what he did to both her and Laura. Defiantly, Andrew was adamant he wouldn’t be caught.


With just one episode to go, will there be a final twist in Liar’s tale? Joanne Froggatt has said there will be a “satisfactory conclusion” to the drama, but viewers will have to wait until next Monday at 9pm to see whether they agree.