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ITV's Liar will have a "satisfactory conclusion" promises Joanne Froggatt

The psychological thriller won't leave us guessing at the end of the six-part series according to its star

Published: Monday, 16th October 2017 at 11:00 am

As we hurtle towards Liar's final episode it seems the story is only getting more muddled and complex – but Joanne Froggatt has promised viewers there will be a "satisfactory conclusion".


Episode five was certainly eventful (SPOILERS to follow). We saw Froggatt's character Laura Nielson try to get revenge on serial rapist Andrew Earlham (Ioann Gruffudd) by drugging him with GHB, driving him out to the marshes and then setting things up so it looked like he'd kidnapped and raped her again.

Could Laura's maverick attempts to bring him to justice actually work?

Unfortunately he struggled out of her restraints and chased her around the docks, but at the last minute DI Harman turned up, having tracked his car.

Realising Andrew had been set up and still had the date rape drug in his system, she saved Laura but had to let Andrew go.

Oh, and also Laura's sister has been exposed for her affair with Laura's ex-boyfriend Tom, sending everyone into total emotional meltdown.

In short, there are a LOT of loose ends to tie up in next week's series finale.

Speaking at a press screening before the ITV series launched, Froggatt insisted: "There is a very satisfactory conclusion at the end of these six episodes.

"It doesn't leave you going, 'Ugh! I've just watched six and now there might be some more, but I haven't got my ending.'"

However, hinting that not everything will wrap up entirely, she added, "There's also an offshoot that [suggests] there could be other parts of the story."

Let's just hope Andrew has to answer for his crimes... that's the only conclusion we'll find "satisfactory".


The Liar finale airs at 9pm on Monday 16th October on ITV


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