Lacey Turner gets a taste for radio drama

Former EastEnders stars alonsgside Zoe Tapper in Radio 4 version of classic 1960s novel Up The Junction

Former EastEnders star Lacey Turner enjoyed her first ever radio drama so much that she immediately recorded another.


Turner will be starring in her first radio play, a reworking of Neil Dunn’s classic 1963 novel Up the Junction for Radio 4 which will air next month [September].

She plays Rube in the drama, the sister of Sylvie who will be played by Zoe Tapper (pictured, above with Turner) in the gritty drama about the underbelly of London life.

Describing the character as “a tough cookie and a good laugh” Turned said that her experiences recording the piece has prompted her to make more drama.

In fact Turner enjoyed her experiences so much she has just finished recording another play, called the One about the Social Worker which will air later this month.

The drama forms part of the British New Wave season celebrating the iconic kitchen-sink dramas of the 1950s and 1960s and will air in early September.

Radio 4 drama commissioner Jeremy Howe said: “I think our new productions of the works that were the landmarks of the fifties and sixties – our audience will be struck by the muscularity, fearless honesty and sheer energy of the writing.”


Up the Junction was made into a 1968 film directed by Peter Collinson and was also adapted for BBC television by Ken Loach three years before.