Kit Harington had to lie about his Game of Thrones exit to the entire cast



He’s used to his character knowing absolute nothing so imagine how difficult it was for kit Harington to know EVERYTHING about Jon Snow and not be able to say a word about it?


The Game of Thrones actor told Entertainment Weekly that he had to lie to all of his fellow cast members about his character’s fate.

Harington knew Snow would be revived at some point as early as summer 2014, just two weeks after the cast got their paws on the scripts for the fifth series. That’s the one he was killed off in.

But showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss swore him to secrecy, meaning he’d have to lie to all of his cast mates for more than a year.

And that was no mean feat for the lad.

“At first I thought I would find it fun,” Harington said. “This will be a fun game. But I had to lie to a lot of close friends and cast members and crew. The longer it went, the more I felt like I was betraying them. So I did end up letting people in, slowly.”

Some were never convinced, especially Irish actor Liam Cunningham. The show’s Ser Davos, “told me to f— off from the start,” Harington revealed.

But one person did buy it, and did something very sweet as a result.

“Sophie Turner, bless her, wrote me a really long letter about how much she loved working with me – and I still got it,” he explained. “That made me chuckle.”


N’awwww, Sansa. And to think we hated you back in series one.